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Master en inglaterra wayra 22042012

  1. 1. Master en“All the information you need to planyour master’s degree in London”Visas Funding and cost of livingUniversities and Courses Meet others before you arriveLiving in London Home away from home: things from your country in LondonAccommodation A-Z of practicalities
  2. 2. Master en What’s unique about it?Highly targeted at Spanish speaking postgraduate studentsInteractive and fully integrated with social media. This is a websitethat users will participate in. It’s a community hub more than asimple websiteThe only Spanish language website for master’s students in LondonEmpathy with the target market. Since I’ve been a Spanishspeaking student in London, I’ll be able to communicate with thetarget market at their own level
  3. 3. Master en Where is the money in this? Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Provide Create Sign agreements withRelevant Content a community universities, sell their + + masters courses to the Marketing Keep users’ contact info community and claim commission This model be Attract replicated for other relevant products and services students UNI INTERNET
  4. 4. Master en Inglaterra.comWhy would prospective students be attracted to this website?Because it gives them:• The most relevant information in one place• In their own language: Spanish (info also in English)• Because it is a community hub: 99% of Spanish speakers want to have contact with others who share their language and culture
  5. 5. Master en Why would universities be interested in your proposal?They’ll be interested because:• I’ll find new students that would bring extra revenue to the university on their behalf• Universities saw their public funding cut by around £1 billion in 2011, prompting them to seek extra revenue in international students• I have already spoken with universities and there’s willingness to engage in business partnerships of this kind
  6. 6. Master en Size of the market8000 students from Spain and Latin America cometo the UK every year (post-graduate figures)43 Universities (public and private) in the LondonAreaDozens of service providers willing to sell into thismarket
  7. 7. Master en Possibilities for expansionNext Markets:Spain – 30,000 students from Latin America in 2006(Unesco)Cities in the USA: Miami, New York, Los AngelesSubject specific: renewable energy andengineering masters are a possibility
  8. 8. Master en Thank You!I look forward to meeting the WAYRA team soon!
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