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Umu Umu Presentation Transcript

  • Water research and context
  • University of Murcia (Spain) Avda. Teniente Flomesta, 5 30003 Murcia. Spain
    • Founded in 1915
    • 30,000 students
    • 2,100 teaching staff
    • 1,100 technicians and administrative
    • 300 research groups
  • Plaza Cronista Isidoro Valverde Edificio La Milagrosa 30202 Cartagena. Spain Technical University of Cartagena (Spain)
    • Founded in 1998 (faculties of technology more than a century old)
    • 7,100 students
    • 600 teaching staff
    • 400 technicians and administrative
    • 80 research groups
  • Water reuse and desalination
    • Region of Murcia
    • 80 active sewage disposal plants controlled by ESAMUR
    • Using advanced technologies
    • 95% of urban population is connected to a wastewater plant (≈60% average in Spain)
    • 98.5% of urban wastewater is recycled and reused
    • 105 Mm 3 of wastewater treated in 2005
    • 2.5 M equivalent inhabitants
    • European principles of “Cost recovery” and “Pay polluter”: water users pay a Sewage Tax, that is intended to cover management, operation and maintenance of public sanitation facilities and water treatment
    • Pollutant remove: 87.6% vs 75% UE
    • Reclaimed water = Pre-drinking water quality
    Wastewater Plants Main desalination plants in the Segura basin Year 2010 Year 2015 Irrigation (Mm 3 /y) Urban supply (Mm 3 /y) Irrigation (Mm 3 /y) Urban supply (Mm 3 /y) Valdelentisco 37 20 37 33 A. León Mtnez. Campos (S. Pedro P.I)   24   24 San Pedro Pinatar II   24   24 Águilas 48 10 58 12 Ampliación Águilas- C.R. 8   8   Torrevieja 40 40 80 40 Desalinizadora Alicante I   18   18 Ampliación Alicante I   6   6 Alicante II   24   24 El Mojón 6   6   Guardamar 40   60   Desaladora C.R. Mazarrón 10 10 Desaladora de Escombreras. CARM 20 TOTAL 189 166 259 201
  • Research
    • Internalization in research
        • Focus in mediterranean basin area of students and research exchange
        • Regional development programs
        • Collaboration Excellence Centres
    • Research areas
        • Hydrology research
        • Desalination and membranes
        • Technologies in water treatment
        • Marine Ecosystems
        • ICT in agriculture and sensoring
    • Infrastructure
        • Water Scarcity Platform
        • Coastal Oceanographic Observatory
  • Research areas related to Water
    • Public Health & Water Quality
      • Behaviour and fate of xenobiotics in environmental compartments (soil and water)
      • Pollution of Environmental Water
      • Microbiology of water depuration systems
      • Microbiological aspects of agricultural reuse of reclaimed water.
    • Technology in Water Treatment for Drinking and Wastewater & Reuse
      • Advanced Oxidation Processes for Water Detoxification (Solar Photocatalysis)
    • Desalination Technologies
      • Membrane Transport and Characterization. Desalination
      • New, innovative and cost/energy efficient technologies
      • Technical and economic applicability of desalinated water
    • Technology in Water Treatment for Drinking and Wastewater & Reuse
      • Domestic and industrial wastewater treatment : waste stabilisation pond systems, symbiotic treatment, physicochemical treatment.
      • Reuse of treated wastewater in irrigation
      • Biosorption of pollutants: heavy metals, dyes
      • Sewage sludge characterization
    • Water Uses & Environment
      • Water quality control, including water contamination control in water supply systems, ground systems, and sanitation systems
      • Sustainability in Water Use
      • Savings and Efficient use of Water: Irrigation and Modernization
    • Social and Policy Assessment of Water
      • Water Law (environmental quality, water markets, water banks, desalination, reclaimed water...)
    Research areas related to Water
  • Research areas related to Water Tech
    • Surface and Groundwater Resources
      • Natural groundwater recharge in arid and semi-arid areas
      • Groundwater modeling
      • New and innovative technologies for groundwater research and monitoring, leading to its sustainable management
    • Information Technologies for Water Management
      • New sensors and data acquisition system
      • Telemonitoring and remote control of water distribution system in fields
      • Droughts and Flood warning
    • Information Technologies for Water Management
      • Application of Information Technologies to agricultural issues, mainly climate control and fertirrigation
  • EU projects on Water
    • CMN is actively involved in mediterranean initiatiaves:
      • RoK SWAM Increasing the Regional Competitiveness and Economic Growth Through the RTD&I on Sustainable Water Management
      • ITN Training Network for Monitoring Mediterranean Protected Areas
      • Collaborative Project – SICA (Mediterranean Partner Countries) SIRRIMED Sustainable use of irrigation water in the Mediterranean Region
      • EC-DG Environment (Halting desertification in Europe) REDSIM Project , Remote-sensing based DSS for Sustainable drought-adapted Irrigation Management and WASSER Proposal, Water Accounting System of the Segura River
      • ENPI Proposals: C´ESTWATER, Cost effective and sustainable for technologies wastewater treatment and reuse, IrriGo WISE, New Irrigation management to drive Mediterranean agriculture's water use improvement towards a sustainable economy. AGRIWATER Planning of wastewater reuse practice, AQUAPLUS, ….
      • Tempus Proposal: NORIA; Strengthening Innovation Strategy and Improving the Technology Transfer in the Water Technology
      • Others areas like LIFE+, MED etc
    EU projects on Water