OpenERP7, 2014 community days : banking framework talk
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OpenERP7, 2014 community days : banking framework talk



Advanced banking framework : 'Bank Statement Reconcile' Branch

Advanced banking framework : 'Bank Statement Reconcile' Branch



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OpenERP7, 2014 community days : banking framework talk OpenERP7, 2014 community days : banking framework talk Presentation Transcript

  • Advanced banking framework : 'Bank Statement Reconcile' Branch OpenERP 7.0 - Community Talks 04/06/2014
  • 2/ / What is this about ? A TOOL TO IMPORT INTO OPENERP ANY BANK TRANSACTIONS ○ Bank statements but also : ○ Credit Cards remittances ○ Market places payment summaries (E-Commerce) ○ ...
  • 3/ / HOW DOES IT WORK ? 3 STEPS ■ IMPORTIMPORT : TO FILL IN OPENERP BANK STATEMENTS... ■ AUTOCOMPLETIONAUTOCOMPLETION : ACCOUNTS AND PARTNERS FIELDS ARE COMPLETED FOR YOU ○ You save time ○ You secure your accounting booking ■ RECONCILIATIONRECONCILIATION : TO MATCH PAYMENTS WITH INVOICES ○ Reconciliation comes AFTER bank statement confirmation... ○ ...but no time lost (thanks to a mass reconciliation tool)
  • 4/ / STEP 1 – IMPORT YOUR BANK STATEMENT ■ Option 1 : Create your own module to teach OpenERP how to read your bank specific file using the generic parser. ■ Option 2 : Start simple and use the provided csv file (find it in 'data' folder of module 'account_statement_base_import')
  • 5/ / What you see in OpenERP... Import the bank transactions file... ... and an OpenERP draft bank statement is created
  • 6/ / STEP 2 – AUTOCOMPLETION ■ Thanks to a set a auto-completion rules, accounts and partners will be automatically filled-in for you ■ Rules already available today :
  • 7/ / STEP 3 – RECONCILE PAYMENTS WITH INVOICES ■ Reconciliation process occurs after the bank statement validation ■ A mass reconcile tool is available in Periodical processing section. ○ Create 1 'reconcile profile' for each account ○ On each profile set the reconcile rule, allowed roundings For each profile, all related unreconciled or partially reconciled accounting entries will be compares with the rule and a standard reconciliation will be done if possible. ○ All reconciliations can be check (and remove) thanks to the history tab
  • 8/ / What you see in OpenERP...
  • 9/ / Now let's see how it really works... demo
  • 10/ / So... use it and contribute to it :) ■ Hundreds of transactions a dayHundreds of transactions a day can be handled (i.e : e-commerce) ■ ModularModular : import, Autocompletion, Avanced reconciled can be installed separately ■ MatureMature and used in production for 2 years ■ GenericGeneric : any country – any business can use it ■ ActiveActive community project ■ SEPASEPA payments modules compatible ■ Many other functionaltiesMany other functionalties (bank stament line cancellation, amend easily the way the bank statement post entries, unactive periodes or end balance check, work with structured transaction number...) ■ Will be Odoo compatible soonWill be Odoo compatible soon... with even more fonctionalities
  • 11/ / Where can I get the source code on launchpad? -
  • 12/ / What is the basic set of modules for a quick start? -
  • 13/ / Shared link to this demo -
  • 14/ / This banking framework is part of a more global e-commerce solution. - Please also have a look at our devs regarding : Generic Openerp connector : Credit control solution :