Zodi shower


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Zodi shower

  1. 1. Zodi showerCamping is a great outdoor activity. Campers leave urban areas, their home , or civilization and wentout to enjoy nature on hills or some places where they usually lack even regular essentials like water,food etc. But technology advancements have introduce many camping products like camping showerand portable water heater. Zodi shower is one of the best product for camping lovers. The ZodiExtreme has been the most demanding hot shower for back country use for years.Zodi water heater shower provides endless supply of hot water in seconds. Simply by pressing a button,the heater ignites and start delivering hot water for shower. This product is usable not only for showerbut campers can use it for washing dishes, clothes and much more when they are on camping. Nowthey need not to shiver in cold water. On demand water supplier, zodi shower is always ready to servethem. This shower product comes with a water pump for huge degree water pressure. On average, theunit heats up to 50 gallons of water at a time.A complete shower product includes water temperature indicator, shower pole holder and a nylonstorage bag padded for product safety and easy transportation. Water Temperature indicators show when the temperature level of the water is above a safelevel. They are preset to a safe temperature range . When the temperature of water is above thesafety level then it gives signals either by changing colour of indicator or by reading the watertemperature. It is equipped with a 5’6” long and weighing only three pounds shower pole with a showerhead that makes it easier and convenient to use. To make the product durable for long time, it ismade up of stainless steel. This shower pole comes with a tripod stand that makes the pole standwith stability on a variety of field or terrain conditions. The pole is quite adjustable that it canbe adjusted according to task so that you can take shower standing at a time and wash dishesnext time. The unit comes with a handy nylon bag for easy storage and carriage. Hot water showers,shower hoses, and shower heads are all sold separately.Feature highlights :• Instant Hot water on demand• Adjustable height shower pole• Tripod base provides great stability• Storage in small nylon padded bag included• Box Size: 12” x 2” x 8”• Weight: 3 lbs• Included in box• Shower pole with tripod standZodi shower come with Privacy Enclosure which is a complement to complete shower product. Thisenclosure is suitable for every kind of outdoor event including showering, bathrooms and changingroom. Its oversized door allows easy entry and exit from enclosure. There are many online stores that
  2. 2. offers a wider range of models to select from. Thus , it is always advantageous to shop online for zodiproducts.