Vouching for success


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Vouching for success

  1. 1. Vouching for Successthe impact and success of our Innovation Voucher
  2. 2. Who we are• Operate in Ireland & Britain• Experience of therequirements & practiceswithin the 3rd sector• Developed over 100database solutions• Understand & empathisewith our target audience• Provide solutions that meetorganisational needs andfurther their objectives• 18 years experience of ICT &Software Development• 12 years within the C&VSector• Partnerships with othersocial enterprises• Social Enterprise sinceJan’07• 3 members of staff• Work primarily with 3rdSectors Organisations• ICO Registered• Invest NI Client• Consortia Partner SENIBACKDROP PEOPLEEXPERIENCEAPPROACH
  3. 3. What we doBespokeDatabaseApplicationsSocial ImpactTrackerImpactMeasurementConsultancyICT &DatabaseSupport
  4. 4. Voucher AimsTechnical – Social – Economic• To address product accessibility, performance and reliability• To improve our development methodology and processes• To embed new best practice skills /architecture• To improve export market potential for our product• To attract new clients, improve profits and safeguard jobs
  5. 5. Social Impact Tracker is a secure online database that allows organisations tocapture and report their inputs, outputs, outcomes and social impact
  6. 6. Technical Impact The adoption of a new framework has provided significant gains interms of development times and deliverables It enabled us to bring the product to market rapidly and offer it toorganisations with multiple projects, sites and users throughoutIreland, UK, and internationally The product is hosted on a specialist web server in a secure datacentre: lower overheads = lower license price The adoption of the framework has reduced the core systemprogramming tasks and thus reduced the potential of error The choice of Open Source received well by our client base – nobespoke software is required on the client computers
  7. 7. Social ImpactProvided new transferable skills for further systemdevelopmentsAdvantages of the University’s expertise and of havinga critical eye on our businessIt’s a 2 way process – both parties learn and evolvetheir thinkingFirst class Knowledge Provider. Proved to be verysupportive and accessible at all timesCloser relationships with the University helps thebusiness model
  8. 8. Economic Impact Increased our user base by approx 500% and doubled our SITsales turnover Established 7 Distributor Partnerships across UK (All SE) New export markets in ROI, Scotland, England & Wales Attracted investment from other agencies INI, Big Issue Invest Selected as one of the three DigiBIC Award finalists to pitch atthe EBN Congress in the city Opened doors to other business opportunities, publicity andpromotion
  9. 9. Tips from us….• Don’t despair if you are unsuccessful (we submitted 3applications)– Ask for detailed feedback before re-applying• This was the best package for us– Will the Voucher give you the support you need?– Research and identify your suitable knowledgeindividual• The University must encourage this innovationroute especially with Social Enterprises
  10. 10. Whats Next?1. New Voucher Application to be submitted2. Joint Venture Merger with a UK Distributor3. INI R&D Application for new ProductVersions4. ISO 27001 Accreditation (Information Security)5. New European Markets
  11. 11. Thank-you…..www.socialimpacttracker.orginfo@socialimpacttracker.orgT. 028 71 308166