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Ciaran Mac An Bhaird Presentation

  1. 1. The use of Technology in the Provision of Mathematics Support Dr. Ciarán Mac an Bhaird NUI Maynooth. 8th Annual E-Learning Conference. January 2010 University of Ulster
  2. 2. Overview 1. Description of how NUIM uses technology to provide extra resources and opportunities for students. 2. A demonstration of how to use these technologies and a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each system. 3. A quick look at other technologies and resources available.
  3. 3. NUIM Technologies. Online Courses ► Students who fail Mathematics Proficiency Test are enrolled on the Mathematics Proficiency Course: ► There is an additional Mathematics Foundation Course principally for non- Mathematics Students who are struggling with the mathematical aspects of their courses.
  4. 4. ► Easy to analyse records, the course is very easy to edit and maintain. Gives students organised access to material which otherwise would seem overwhelming and intimidating. ► Difficulties maintaining high level of participation, students do not always see the relevance to their actual Mathematics modules. Technical difficulties, e.g. being able to view the videos etc. Courses are ‘faceless’, impersonal etc.
  5. 5. Workshops ► Follow up workshops each week for students struggling with course material. ► Students email tutor requesting issues to be dealt with. ► Tutor uses ‘Sympodium’ to present the material. Students can sit and listen to the tutor, ask questions without having to take extensive notes. ► Notes posted onto the moodle site for students to access.
  6. 6. ► Students highlight the benefits of this approach, report an increased understanding of the material because they can listen. They highlight that they can take notes of what the tutor is saying, questions that other students ask etc. ► Others report that the handwritten notes are easy to understand, less impersonal than typed notes and the diagrams are easier to follow as they can see how they were produced.
  7. 7. ► This technology is also used in the First Science Mathematics Workshop. ► This course is specifically designed to be student directed and is principally aimed at the weaker students. ► The tutor presents issues raised by the students which are usually basic issues to do with their course material. ► Examples ConferenceWorkshop4SciLimits.pdf ConferenceProficiency5.pdf
  8. 8. Other projects ► Recording of screencasts and podcasts. ► The main purpose is to provide extra resources for students. ► Advantages: Re-usable Learning Objects, students can have open access to material, more ‘friendly’ medium, relatively easy to use the software, relatively cheap. ► Disadvantages: Extremely time-consuming to create, students can have technical issues viewing the objects.
  9. 9. Sympodium ► sympodium-interactive-pen-display.php ► Cost <€2000 (cheaper options for education). ► Alternatives e.g. tablet pcs (wide range of prices), significantly more portable. ► Demonstration.
  10. 10. Screencasts ► id=CNHevJausp8CFRs-lAodiDPFiw ► <€210 (educational packages available) ► learning ►
  11. 11. Podcasts ► ► Free ► learning ► ks/firstaidkit/resources/74
  12. 12. Other Resources ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ►
  13. 13. Overview ► Use technology to provide extra resources and opportunities for ‘at-risk’ students. ► Advantages: re-usable learning objects, students respond to perceived extra effort, 24 hour access for students, other learning benefits for students, encourages collaboration. ► Disadvantages: software and hardware issues, internet access for students, impersonal, expensive costs?
  14. 14. ► Thank you for your time. ► Go raibh maith agaibh uilig. ► Any Questions? ►