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  • 1. Holding the Annual Planning Conference Steve Myers Scoutmaster, Troop One Akron myers@uakron.edu The University of Scouting trooponeakron.org March 1, 2014
  • 2. The University of Scouting February 6, 2010
  • 3. TroopOneAkron.org This presentation is at http://trooponeakron.org/univofscouting.html myers@uakron.edu @campnmug @scoutingcouple The University of Scouting
  • 4. Learning Objectives • What are the types of planning used in Boy Scouts? • What are the steps in annual planning? • Who are the most important people in making the plan? • How to run the day-long conference. The University of Scouting
  • 5. How Do You Plan? • How many of you conduct an annual plan? • Do you use the PLC to conduct this annual plan? • How many adults are involved? • How do you announce the results of the plan? The University of Scouting
  • 6. http://www.scouting.org/Home/BoyScouts.aspx The University of Scouting March 1, 2014
  • 7. Resources The University of Scouting
  • 8. The University of Scouting
  • 9. Planning Questions Q. Name the four types of planning A. 1. 2. 3. 4. Annual long-range plan Quarterly Checkup Monthly Short-term plan Ad-hoc or Standup planning Q. Who is the agent of the plan? A. The Senior Patrol Leader and his Patrol Leaders’ Council Q. Which officers serve on the PLC? The University of Scouting
  • 10. Patrol Leaders Council The University of Scouting
  • 11. It’s the Scoutmaster and the Senior Patrol Leader • Meet early to discuss when to hold the annual planning conference • Share the planning outline from Troop Program Features • Tell your SPL that you expect him to be the driving force in the annual plan • Ask him to start gathering information for the next year’s program • Suggest you meet often, briefly, to share ideas • Start at Summer Camp The University of Scouting
  • 12. 5 Steps: Annual Program Planning 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Homework Patrols Conference Troop Committee Announcement The University of Scouting
  • 13. Step 1 - Do Your Homework • • • • What does this mean? How do you “do your homework?” SPL and SM meet early and often Check in with CC The University of Scouting
  • 14. Step 2 – Get Patrol Input • Make sure that all patrol members have an opportunity to influence the annual plan The University of Scouting
  • 15. Step 3 – Hold a Troop Program Planning Conference • SM should have already done a lot of preplanning. SM meets with SPL early to get ideas. Talk to your other adult leaders. Talk it up and publicize through PLC. Hold a meeting with SPL to train him to run the planning conference. – SM and SPL meet to complete as much of a calendar, camps, program features, and goals as possible. – – – – • Better to have something to propose than start with a blank page. • Invite PLC, primary ASM, other youth leaders (?), CR(?), other ASMs (?), CC (?), UC (?) The University of Scouting
  • 16. Step 3 – Hold a Troop Program Planning Conference Agenda • Opening activity • Review conference and ground rules • Develop troop goals • Consider Major Events • Game Break The University of Scouting • Patrol Suggestions for Monthly Program Features • Lunch • Schedule special troop activities • Finalize the planning worksheet • Scoutmaster Minute
  • 17. Step 3 – Hold a Troop Program Planning Conference Ground Rules Objectives 1. The SPL presides. 2.Each event and program will be voted on. 3.Majority rules. 1. To decide on troop goals for the coming year. 2. To develop a program that represents ideas from the entire troop. The University of Scouting
  • 18. Troop Variations • By the book – one day or weekend for PLC to plan • Alternatively the Troop One twist: • SM/SPL do many days of preplanning • PLC meets to plan the year, then • PLC presents plan to the entire troop for a month by month vote. The University of Scouting
  • 19. Step 4 –Troop Committee and Chartered Organization Formal Presentation by SPL/SM Ideas and Support The University of Scouting
  • 20. Step 5 – Announce The Plan • Use a calendar program and print for the entire troop youth and adults. • Put on your website. • Post to your troop yahoogroups email list. • Talk it up. • Publish a summary of the years highlights especially for new scouts and parents / recruiting. The University of Scouting
  • 21. •http://trooponeakron.org/whatshappening.html The University of Scouting
  • 22. Thank you. Hold your SPL to a high standard and enjoy the results! myers@uakron.edu The University of Scouting
  • 23. The University of Scouting