Brand application for large format retail design


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Brand application for large format retail design

  1. 1. 2D/3D visual expression / 22-11-2012 2D/3D visual expression Shopping Centres & Large Format Retail Environments
  2. 2. Who we are CampbellRigg is an independent retail design Brands agency based in London, internationally The management team of CampbellRigg understands the importance of brands and the role strong brands renowned for its work in the field of retail play in the lives of consumers. interiors and retail communications. Retailing Expertise The company provides strategic and creative We work with management teams of leading UK and design solutions to some of Europe’s most European retailers. Our retail design and branding work successful businesses. enables our clients to boost their revenues and revitalise their trading formats. With a solid understand- We have significant experience in adding ing of what works and what doesn’t work in retail envi- ronments, the company partners with businesses with economic value to our clients’ businesses the vision of obtaining the best returns on capital em- by designing store environments, developing ployed. retail formats, graphic communication suites Strategy and producing innovative merchandising Our approach means the project objectives are aligned solutions for their retail outlets. with the vision and strategy of the client retail company. We aim to understand the company’s core values and Our core company competencies lie in our its vision, before we attempt to interpret “or” create the knowledge of brands and how customers brand “or” format essence. behave within a retail environment. Independence We are an independent agency and are not tied to any third party suppliers. We work with incumbent suppliers of client companies or can recommend suitable agents. campbellrigg international ©
  3. 3. Branding Services we can offerSignage Identity– Fascia Design – Name Generation– Exterior Banners Signage Brand – Logo Mark– Exterior Navigational Signage & Navigation Identity – Strapline Development– Interior Navigational Signage – Typography & Secondary Fonts – General Directional Signage – Colour Palettes – Totems – Photography Styling – Directories – Character Creation – Tone of Voice – Brand GuidelinesDesign Planning RETAIL Extension Interior Brand– Architecture – Store Planning – Bags– Shopfront Design – Format Development & EXTERIOR Extension – Uniforms / Name Tags– Interior Design – Shop in Shop Design STRATEGIC – Vehicle Livery– Lighting Design CUSTOMER FOCUSED – Loyalty Card– Fixture Design – Stationery– Visual Merchandising SOLUTIONS – Private Label– Furniture Design Process – Promotional POS Environment Graphics – Informational POS – Research & Insight – Packaging – Brief Development / Definition – Design Concept Exploration – Detail Design – ImplementationDigital Digital Digital In-store Marketing– Interactive Information Kiosks Digital – Website (Template) Material– Promotional Plasma Screens – Phone App (Template) – In-store TV Channel (Template)Events Print Print based– Promotional Events Events Marketing – In-store Communication– Product Launches / Activation Material – Leaflets / Flyers– Pop-up Shops – Brochures / Magazines – Newspaper Advertising campbellrigg international ©
  4. 4. Our Process Working Process Stage 1: Familiarisation and Strategy Stage 2: Concept Design Stage 3: Design Refinement Stage 4: Detail Development Stage 5: Implementation campbellrigg international ©
  5. 5. About Us BiographiesCampbell Rigg Dorota Czernuszewicz Neil ClaytonChief Executive Officer Design & Retail Planning Director Design DirectorCampbell set up his first business at the age of Dorota joined CampbellRigg in October 2000. She Neil came to Campbell Rigg in 2010, having24 and has over 25 years experience in retail and has over 25 years of experience in retail and leisure previously been a director of his companyleisure design and marketing sector. design, working on a wide variety of projects in Adcock Clayton. He has 30 years experience in several countries. commercial retail and catering design workingIn 1987 he founded his own design consultancy on a range of projects for many wellknown blueand has been responsible for developing the At CampbellRigg, Dorota has been responsible for chip’s international role with many European delivering projects for Tesco Stores (UK, Europeretail groups. and Asia), Dixons Retail Stores, Argos plc, Safeway During his time at Campbell Rigg he has worked Stores plc, Woolworths plc, Comet Group plc, as design director for variety of projects fromHe has consulted to Metro AG (Germany), Harrods, Blockbuster, Kesko Food Ltd (Finland), ICA Tesco Stores plc, M.Video, to a range of projectsInterspar AG (Austria), ICA OY (Sweden), OY (Sweden), Adler Modemarkt GmbH (Germany), in the Russian market including HypermarketsMusgrave (Eire), Bacardi Global Retail, Kesko OBI GmbH (Germany). and banking groups.Food Ltd (Finland), Hammerson GmbH(Germany), Woolworths plc, Safeway Stores Most recently she has worked as design director on During his time at Adcock Clayton, Neil deliveredplc, Unilever plc, Marks and Spencer plc, Asda a variety of projects in Russia including VTB, Snow numerous projects for Harrods, Wedgwood plcStores plc, Abbey National Bank, Whitbread plc, Queen, Demix, InCity and Enter. (Global), Links of London (Global), Argos StoresHarvey Nichols Limited, Debenhams Stores plc, plc, Asda Stores plc, Fenwicks, Co-OperativeHennes and Mauritz Ltd, Arcardia Group plc, Dorota was previously with the international design Department stores, McDonalds, Welcome BreakMcDonald’s Restaurants Ltd, Courtaulds Textiles consultancy RPA (Europe) Ltd where she managed Motorway services, Kenco, Moto Motorwayplc and Dixons Stores Group plc. retail projects for Tesco (UK), CRS (UK), Jeronimo Services, Coca Cola, BAA and Intel. Martins Group (Portugal and Poland), Spolem Co-Campbell was formerly with Fitch RS plc where operative (Poland), City Sokos (Finland), Mamas His experience prior to this covered many highhe gained experience working with textile retail and Papas (UK), Osh Kosh B’Gosh (UK, France street fashion brands, including Miss Selfridge,groups Arcadia Group (Topshop, Topman, and USA), Singer (Portugal, Italy and Spain), Banco Wallis, Jones Footwear and Safeway Stores plc.Principles, Champion Sport) and Boots plc. Popular (Spain) and Bristol & West Building Society (UK). In 1999 she co-ordinated and directed 24 individual projects at the Millennium Dome in London, including all Dome retail outlets, wayfinding/orientation signage, exhibits and reception areas. Her experience prior to this cover many departments stores including Fenwick (UK), Stockmann (Finland) and concourse and catering designs for BAA Plc. campbellrigg international ©
  6. 6. Building your brandcampbellrigg international ©
  7. 7. Building your brand Your brand or corporate identity Branding refers to much more than designing a logo for a company. It is the overall image and message Knowing what you want your brand to say communicates your unique promise that communicates your brand’s personality and attitude. Consider the core values of your company and the of value. It provides the customer A strong identity will reinforce your message and personality that you want to communicate through differentiate your company and products from your your brand. Simply, what would you like consumers with an immediate impression of competition. Your customers will begin to see you in to think when they perceive your brand? A feeling a refreshing new way and potential clients will have that your company is dynamic, progressive, es- who you are and what you stand for. confidence in your product or service. tablished or exudes quality? Or is it young, trend- setting or savvy and sophisticated? When custom- It adds instant credibility, recognition The value of good branding is immeasurable. ers choose you, it’s because they resonate with what your brand stands for. Your brand helps them and familiarity to your business. The process of building further define themselves. By communicating who you are in a powerful way, it lets potential custom- a successful brand ers build a relationship of trust with you. There are some simple principles to consider when creating a brand or visual identity for your company. Create consistency These guidelines form the crucial foundation that helps ensure you build a successful brand. The fun- Once you are clear of your target audience and damental work for developing a successful brand company message, your branding will be more fo- takes time - it is an investment of effort and team cused. All your marketing and communication ac- work. tivities should reinforce the same visual image and brand message. Consistency cannot be stressed enough in the development of your brand. Consis- Know your target audience tency ensures recognition, familiarity and embeds your brand in the customer’s consciousness. You must have a thorough understanding of your target audience. Place your audience into a cat- A brand works hard to build your company over egory. No company can serve everyone. What time. demographic information do you have about your client (based on age, gender, cultural background, geographic location, socio-economic group etc,)? What is the psychographic description of your client group? What are their core characteristics or per- sonality types? their values? their motivators? These are the things that are not so easy to mea- sure! The more you know about your ideal client, the easier it is to reach and appeal to them. What type of image would your audience respond to… corporate, funky, elegant or contemporary, just to name a few? campbellrigg international ©
  8. 8. Building your brand Brand Layers Brand Suites C O N SIS T E N C Y INSPIRATIONAL SUITE S TO RY BRAND ND MESSAGE BRA S O N A LIT Y PER SITIO NIN G PO ‘inspire’ BRAND Appling each of these BRAND layers accross all of your branding will add... = more value = more loyalty = = more trust more recognition ‘promote’ ‘inform’ = increased market share = more memorable = increased reputation = increased brand equity = attracting & retaining the best people = New customers = interna; & external advocates = empowered terms promotional suite INFORMATION SUITE ‘living and breathing’ the brand campbellrigg international ©
  9. 9. Building your brand Customer Brand Journey Site entrance NEW centre Exterior approach Promotions welcome orientate centre interior invite / entice highlight ZONES sell serve Beacons thank features service inspire inform promote campbellrigg international ©
  10. 10. Work Examples Example 1: Port City Example 2: Tesco Example 3: Kesko campbellrigg international ©
  11. 11. Example 1: Port Citycampbellrigg international ©
  12. 12. Brand PORT CITY SHOPPING CENTRE, ZAPOROZHYE - UKRAINE, CONTINIUM HOLDINGS The brief A spectacular new architectural landmark for the city of Zaporzhye in the south of Ukraine. The interior design pushes the boundaries of destination retail design. The centre successfully combines retail and leisure to offer a day out destination. Including 12 screen cinema complex, ice rink, licensed bars, café, restaurants, with four shopping malls. What we did We produced the concept for all interior design, wayfinding and signage. The interior has been conceived in a distinctive modern style influenced by Ukraine culture, folklore and the local countryside. In this spirit, all gateways into this virtual city are designed to enhance the uniqueness of each threshold with emphasis on the strong Way-finding qualities of the civic art. Each ‘welcome hall’ is themed from one of the four elements leading to one of four Malls:- Earth, Wind, Fire, Water. The design takes into account changing customer needs and trends. “Everything just for me”. Putting the customer first, treating every visitor as an honoured guest is the civic contract that Port City forges with its community. Project details 2008 Total area of shopping centre is 74,000sqm. Local population of 800,000. Site area 7.4 hectares. campbellrigg international ©
  13. 13. Graphic Design GuidelinesBrand The Brand Marque Бренд Crane Medium - MODIFIED campbellrigg international ©
  14. 14. 3D Form, Shape and Samples of ApplicationBrand Ballustrades campbellrigg international ©
  15. 15. 3D Form, Shape and Samples of ApplicationBrand Totems and Lightboxes campbellrigg international ©
  16. 16. 3D Form, Shape and Samples of ApplicationBrand Totem Details Бренд campbellrigg international ©
  17. 17. 3D Form, Shape and Samples of ApplicationBrand Opening Hours Бренд часы работы 8:00 - 23:00 Конотеатр: 9:30 - 01:00 Ледовая Арена: 9:30 - 01:00 Боулинг: 10:00 - 16:00 campbellrigg international ©
  18. 18. 3D Form, Shape and Samples of ApplicationBrand External Application Бренд campbellrigg international ©
  19. 19. 3D Form, Shape and Samples of ApplicationBrand Lightbox Details Бренд campbellrigg international ©
  20. 20. 3D Form, Shape and Samples of ApplicationBrand Lightbox Details Бренд campbellrigg international ©
  21. 21. 3D Form, Shape and Samples of ApplicationBrand Lightbox Details Бренд campbellrigg international ©
  22. 22. 3D Form, Shape and Samples of ApplicationBrand Lightbox Details Бренд campbellrigg international ©
  23. 23. 3D Form, Shape and Samples of ApplicationBrand Lightbox Details Бренд campbellrigg international ©
  24. 24. Brand Брендcampbellrigg international © Превосходное качество обслуживания Добро пожаловать в торгово-развл екательный комплекс ПортCity! Мы превзойдем ваши ожидания! Все под одной крышей Promotional Materials / Banners Graphic Design Guidelines
  25. 25. Graphic Design GuidelinesBrand PortCity Бренд Информационная доска и камеры хранения Information Board and Lockers Г по графическому дизайну ид Graphic Design Guidelines }B Information Board and Lockers 11 campbellrigg international ©
  26. 26. Graphic Design GuidelinesBrand Signage Бренд campbellrigg international ©
  27. 27. 3D Form, Shape and Samples of ApplicationBrand Materials and Finishes Бренд Дерево Wood campbellrigg international ©
  28. 28. 3D Form, Shape and Samples of ApplicationBrand Materials and Finishes Бренд Металл Metal campbellrigg international ©
  29. 29. 3D Form, Shape and Samples of ApplicationBrand Materials and Finishes Бренд Кафель Tile campbellrigg international ©
  30. 30. 3D Form, Shape and Samples of ApplicationBrand Materials and Finishes Бренд Стекло Glass campbellrigg international ©
  31. 31. 3D Form, Shape and Samples of ApplicationBrand Totem Details Бренд C C CC D D DD EE B E E A A AA BB B campbellrigg international ©
  32. 32. 3D Form, Shape and Samples of ApplicationBrand Totem Details Бренд B A A B campbellrigg international ©
  33. 33. 3D Form, Shape and Samples of ApplicationBrand Totem Details Бренд campbellrigg international ©
  34. 34. 3D Form, Shape and Samples of ApplicationBrand Totem Details Бренд Плащик Luminary вход 2 вход 2 campbellrigg international ©
  35. 35. Graphic Design GuidelinesBrand Stationery Бренд - - Офис №1: Екатеринбург, ул.Пушкина, д.4, Телефон/факс: +7 (343) 381-81-81, 235-00-00 - - Офис №1: Екатеринбург, ул.Пушкина, д.4, Телефон/факс: +7 (343) 381-81-81, 235-00-00 Конверт - Envelope VIP бланк - VIP Form campbellrigg international ©
  36. 36. Graphic Design GuidelinesBrand Stationery Бренд Елена Макарова проект-менеджер Елена Макарова Офис №1: проект-менеджер Екатеринбург, ул.Пушкина, д.4 Офис №1: Екатеринбург, ул.Пушкина, д.4 Телефон/факс: Телефон/факс: +7 (343) 381-81-81, 235-00-00 +7 (343) 381-81-81, 235-00-00 - - campbellrigg international ©
  37. 37. Example 2: Tescocampbellrigg international ©
  38. 38. Brand TESCO The brief A major project to create a new brand ‘look and feel’ for their store portfolio in the UK including the hypermarket, supermarket and convenience store formats. This included all interior and exterior design and a complete redesign of all way finding signage and communications. What we did We created a new brand ‘look and feel’; a more customer focused in-store experience for Tesco which involved creating the overall brand environment for all of their store formats:- a new Hypermarket store at Accrington, and a new superstore at Welshpool including its petrol forecourt, city centre and convenience store formats. Our work featured interior & exterior design for all signage, way finding and point of sale communications. Total store design including lighting systems, merchandising systems solutions, shop fronts, landscaping and car park. We worked very closely with Tesco’s signage contractor to develop new signing systems and methods of applying the new Brand pattern. Project details 2010-2011 Project implemented in under 9 months. Independent research by Tesco showed that customer feedback was extremely positive. campbellrigg international ©
  39. 39. 3D Form, Shape and Samples of ApplicationBrand Totems & External Signage campbellrigg international ©
  40. 40. 3D Form, Shape and Samples of ApplicationBrand Signage & Wayfinding campbellrigg international ©
  41. 41. 3D Form, Shape and Samples of ApplicationBrand In-store Branding & Concept Application campbellrigg international ©
  42. 42. Example 3: Keskocampbellrigg international ©
  43. 43. Brand KESKO The brief An overarching project covering strategic brand positioning and all aspects of how this translates into the store layout, environment including signage (internal and external), and communications. What we did CampbellRigg worked through all project phases from strategy through to implementation. Key features created in the course of the project were: • A bold, new inspirational communications package to help reinforce the ‘New’ and ‘Fresh’ positioning • A more intuitive and organic customer journey with different departmental layouts giving a fresher perspective of the entire store, raising customer awareness of product groups and aiding the customer journey • ‘Emotional zones’ in which the shopping experience is influenced by variations in environment, lighting, colour, fixtures and flooring • New store lighting principles with warmer task lighting being increased and ambient lighting reduced • New merchandising systems and emphasis on variation of the height of fixtures enabling better sightlines across to other areas of the store Project details 2003-2004 10-month programme from concept, to completion of all implementation information. Project landed in store 4 months later. campbellrigg international ©
  44. 44. 3D Form, Shape and Samples of ApplicationBrand Totems & External Signage campbellrigg international ©
  45. 45. Thank you For more information on this document, or campbellrigg, please contact Philip, +44(0) 207 284 1515campbellrigg international ©