Windows live movie maker 2011


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This is a tutorial on how to make a video using Windows Live Movie Maker.

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Windows live movie maker 2011

  1. 1. Windows Live Movie Maker 2011Tutorial
  2. 2. What You Need You need to have Windows 7 or Vista to download Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 You need to have some video clips and/or photos You need to have some free play music for your video (music that you can download for free and use in video projects) You should have a Windows Live ID so you can share it to YouTube and Facebook You will need to have a YouTube account and a Facebook account if you want to share your video.
  3. 3. The Good News Windows Live Movie Maker now supports MP4 files! Most video clips from your camera, IPAD2, mini-camcorders output file is MP4. This means you do not need to convert the files like you did for the old Windows Movie Maker.
  4. 4. Good Advice • Be sure to keep all your source files in one folder. • If you need to open your project on another computer, you need both your source files folder and Windows Movie Maker project file.
  5. 5. Open Your Windows LiveMovie Maker Open up your Window Live Movie Maker. Make a video as you go through this tutorial. You will learn the program much faster this way and you will have a completed video at the end. Skip through the things that you do not want to learn (for example, using a webcam).
  6. 6. Getting Started Add video clips and photos to your project Find your clips on your computer and add them to your project.
  7. 7. Using the Webcam Go to Webcam Video Hit record and start talking!
  8. 8. Using the Webcam You can then save your video to your files and use it in your project.Ideas for using the webcam: Christmas Greeting from yourfamily, sing a song with your children and post to YouTube, talkabout your opinion for a school project, make a personal videopodcast, etc.
  9. 9. Arrange Your Video Clips Arrange your video clips the way you want them in your video. Just grab and drag. You can now edit your video.
  10. 10. Edit Your Video Go to Edit You can trim your clips or split your clip. You can speed up your clips. You can fade your You can change clip in and out. the volume of your clip.
  11. 11. Animations You can put in transitions between each clip. Just click on the clip and then click on the transition you would like. You can also apply the same transition to all your clips. You can zoom into your clips using the Pan and zoom tool. Again, just click on the clip you want and then click on the zoom you want.
  12. 12. Visual Effects You can have some fun with the visual effects. Again, you just need to click on your video clip and then click on the visual effect you would like.
  13. 13. Add Titles, Captions, Credits Add Title Add Captions Add Credits
  14. 14. Add a Title You can add a title before any clip. You can choose your title effect. You can change You can choose how the font, size of long the title will be. font, background Recommendation 3 colour. seconds.
  15. 15. Add Captions You can add captions to each of your clips. You can change the font, size, etc. You can also choose an effect And again, you can for your caption. choose how long the caption plays for.
  16. 16. Add Credits Again, you can change the font, choose the text duration and the effects.
  17. 17. Add Music You can add music that you have on your computer. . Make sure the music you choose does not violate copyright laws. The next few slides will show you how you can download music for free from the Internet that you are allowed to use in video projects.
  18. 18. Downloading Music You can download free music from the following sites that are allowed to be used in home-made videos: Incompetech Free to download and use. Free Play Free to download and use.
  19. 19. InCompetech Browse here. Or choose the genre you want.
  20. 20. Incompetech Listen to the music. If you like it you can download it to your computer. Make sure you choose a place for all your music files.
  21. 21. Free Play Music Choose the type of music you would like to download or listen to.
  22. 22. Free Play Music Choose what piece you would like to listen to. Download it if you like it.
  23. 23. YouTube Audio SwapAudio Swap is a new feature that allows you toautomatically and easily add music to your YouTubevideos.Using their extensive list of songs, you can spice upyour videos with songs from your favorite artists andthey are adding more songs everyday, so check backoften.Watch a video on how to use Audio Swap.
  24. 24. Audio Swap Go to your You Tube Channel and choose a video you would like to add music to or change the music to something YouTube has to offer. Choose your video and then go to Edit Video
  25. 25. Audio Swap Choose your music.
  26. 26. Add Music (Live Movie Maker) Your music will show up above your video clips.Watch your video here.
  27. 27. AutoMovie Themes You can also make an AutoMovie. This tool will make your movie for you with transitions, titl e, credits, effe cts. All you need to do is add music.
  28. 28. Save Your Movie You have a variety of options to save your project. Mostly you will be choosing Recommended for this project.
  29. 29. Save Your Movie Save it to your computer or USB drive. Choose a name for your movie.
  30. 30. Sharing Your Video You can share your video to YouTube, Facebook and SkyDrive.. You need to have a Windows Live ID
  31. 31. Click on YouTube Choose the resolution for your project. Sign in if you have an account or choose sign up.
  32. 32. Create Your WindowsLive ID Fill in all the information required. You can use your own email address or make up a new Live email address. You will get a message like this when you have completed signing up.
  33. 33. Downloading to YouTube You need to have a YouTube account in order to download to YouTube directly. Fill in the information about the movie and then Publish!
  34. 34. Download to FacebookYou need a Facebook account and a WindowsLive ID.You go through the same process withFacebook.
  35. 35. Digital Literacy Workshops The NWT Literacy Council does Digital Storytelling and Video Making workshops. Contact us at: (867) 873-9262 (Yellowknife) Toll Free in NWT: 1-866-599-6758 Email:
  36. 36. Sharing Your Video with Us!The NWT Literacy Council would be pleasedto share your video on our website as anexample of Northern Videos.You can email us if you would like toshare your video on our website.