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Google earth power point

  1. 1. Google EarthTutorial
  2. 2. How can we engage learners today?
  3. 3. Use technology!
  4. 4. What is Google Earth?• Free downloadable program• Allows users to virtually explore the globe• Uses satellite imagery• Allows users to ―fly‖ around the globe• Allows users to create their own tours and paths• Allows virtual exploration of oceans, sky, moon and Mars
  5. 5. Why use Google Earth?• Free• Easy to use• Good for many subject areas• Strengthens technology skills• Provides a real world look at the physical earth (grasslands, deserts, mountains, fjords, etc)• Allows visual exploration of news around the world• Great for learning about history and geography
  6. 6. Why are teachers using Google Earth? • You can expose learners to the world beyond your school and community. Flying learners from the deserts of Africa to the CN Tower to Antarctica brings a wide range of subject matter alive. • Learners can use Google Earth to investigate places they are studying. • Its interactive nature encourages users to keep using it—to fly to places they used to live in or new places, or scenes of events in the news, or parts of the world they may never visit in person.
  7. 7. What can I explore?• You can zoom in and explore any place on earth, but . . . many smaller places have very low resolution.• For example, Yellowknife is well marked and has high resolution, whereas Fort Providence has low resolution and does not show street level.
  8. 8. How do I learn more about Google Earth? Check out these blogs, user groups and forums that share ideas and experiences about using Google Earth in the classroom, as well as lesson plans and activities. – Google for Educators – Google Earth for Educators: 50 Exciting Ideas for the Classroom – How to Teach with Google Earth – The Best Resources for Google Earth Beginners Like Me
  9. 9. What are some easy things I can do?• View an image of your school, home, or any place on Earth.• Go on a world tour.• View other cool locations and features created by other Google Earth users.• View 3D terrain of a place.• View 3D buildings.• View weather information.• View historical maps.
  10. 10. Online tutorials• Google Earth offers excellent beginner tutorials for using the program.• Check them out: – Google Earth: Beginner Tutorials • Street View • 3D Trees • Historical Imagery • Navigation • Searching for Places • Drawing and Measuring • Placemarks and Tours • Exploring Mars, Moon and Sky • Moon in Google Earth
  11. 11. A quick tour• You can take a quick tour of Google Earth when you open the program.• Go to help and choose Start-up Tips. It will show you how to get started.• The next few slides are from the Google Earth Feature Tour.
  12. 12. Navigation tool
  13. 13. Search panel
  14. 14. Place panel
  15. 15. Layers panel
  16. 16. Hide sidebar
  17. 17. Add a placemark
  18. 18. Add a polygon
  19. 19. Add a path
  20. 20. Add an image overlay
  21. 21. Record a tour
  22. 22. Historical imagery
  23. 23. Sunlight
  24. 24. Explore earth, sky, mars or the moon
  25. 25. Ruler
  26. 26. Share
  27. 27. The basics• The following pages show some of the basics to get you started using Google Earth.
  28. 28. Download Google Earth
  29. 29. Launch Google Earth Double click on Google Earth to launch the program.
  30. 30. Always read the tip of the day!
  31. 31. Choose overview map
  32. 32. Under view – Show navigation tool
  33. 33. Go to ‗Fly‘ and type in ‗Yellowknife‘
  34. 34. Type in an address in Yellowknife
  35. 35. Zoom in• You can zoom in by either clicking on the interface• Or you can use your navigation tools
  36. 36. Take a tour of Yellowknife at street level
  37. 37. Click points of interest
  38. 38. Click points of interest
  39. 39. Click points of interest
  40. 40. Click points of interest