ElectionMall Campaign Cloud Powered By Microsoft Webinar March 8th

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  • Your dashboard*aline the text to center
  • Your dashboard*aline the text to center
  • Statistics on all of your apps
  • Connect with your voters with the SNS manager
  • TwitterSchedule and manage tweets
  • User permissionsCreate different levels of access to the Cloud for your campaign staff
  • Send notes to your co-workers on Campaign Cloud
  • Office Web AppsShare your Office documents online easily with Windows Live Workspaces
  • Windows Live MessengerCampaign Cloud integrates Windows Live messenger so you can communicate easily with campaign staff
  • Dreag and drop apps anywhereArrange them to fit your campaign’s needs
  • Dreag and drop apps anywhereArrange them to fit your campaign’s needs
  • Dreag and drop apps anywhereArrange them to fit your campaign’s needs
  • A more complete to fully edit and update content
  • Choose the purpose of your form
  • Volunteer Every form is geared towards campaign behavior and you can sort volunteers by tasks.
  • Multiple export options for your data
  • Gauge analytics for submissions and by date
  • Your contribution pageIntegrates easily with your Take Action Web Page
  • Customize your donation and branding
  • Connect with more donorsAfter making a contribution, donors can send the donation page to a friend, share on Facebook, or join and become an eLeader
  • Multiple donation widgetsMoney bombs scrolling donor info in real time
  • Create branded eventsUploads pics, track paid and RSVP, use RSS to place on sites, export guest lists to excel
  • Will receive
  • Be compliantSet up your legal disclaimer, suspend contributions while in legislative session
  • Search and manage your online donor information database
  • Get analyticsTrack down traffic to your contribution page: sort it by day, location and URL
  • Export your contribution report to Excel for your state or federal filing
  • Create unlimited money bombs and get tracking and referral reports. Upgrade and integrate it to Facebook
  • Reports and Metrics Track responses, clicks, and open-rates.
  • Reports and Metrics Track responses, clicks, and open-rates.
  • Reports and Metrics Track responses, clicks, and open-rates.
  • Reports and Metrics Track responses, clicks, and open-rates.


  • 1. Thank You for Joining us! Phone: Email: AS SEEN IN:
  • 2. We provide proprietarysoftware built on Microsofttechnology to help campaignswin:•••••
  • 3. The Campaign Circus• Multiple consultants with different approaches.• Multiple systems with different sets of data.• Revolving door of staff and volunteers.• Constant exports, imports, de-dupes.• Lack of hardware, software, licenses.• Lack of common tools, reports, systems.• Lack of communication.
  • 4. Some Solutions• Central system to manage campaign staff, documents, tools and tasks.• Technology which facilitates communication and drives your campaign to success.• Empower and incentivize campaigns to drive fundraising success with local tactics.• Create a program to keep supporters for life.
  • 5. ElectionMall’s Market
  • 6. Campaign Actors
  • 7. The New Campaign
  • 8. A singlesign-in for theCampaignCloud and allof your tightlyintegratedapplications.
  • 9. YourDashboard
  • 10. Statistics
  • 11. Connect
  • 12. Twitter
  • 13. UserPermissions
  • 14. Sticky Notes
  • 15. Office WebApps
  • 16. Windows LiveMessenger
  • 17. Administrativetools for thebackend.
  • 18. Applications forthe CampaignCloud that youcan order asneeded.
  • 19. Drag andDrop AppsAnywhere
  • 20. Web ToolseData Manager / eContent Strategy
  • 21. Website Design
  • 22. Cloud Upgrades
  • 23. Website Zones
  • 24. Choose thePurpose ofYour Form
  • 25. Volunteer
  • 26. Multiple ExportOptions forYour Data
  • 27. Gauge Analyticsfor Submissionsand by Date
  • 28. DonationPagesOne login. Everything you need to win.
  • 29. YourContributionPage
  • 30. CustomizeYour Donationand BrandingCaptureDonorInformation
  • 31. Connect WithMore Donors
  • 32. Multiple DonationWidgets
  • 33. Fundraising viaFacebook
  • 34. CreateBrandedEvents
  • 35. Event Tickets
  • 36. Organize allYour Donor Data inan Easy to UseInterface
  • 37. Be Compliant
  • 38. Search andManage YourOnline DonorDatabase
  • 39. Get Analytics
  • 40. Export YourContributionReportto Excel forFederal orState Filings
  • 41. Create UnlimitedMoney Bombs
  • 42. Segment, trackand consolidate–No more datasilos!
  • 43. Reports &Metrics
  • 44. Reports &Metrics
  • 45. Reports &Metrics
  • 46. Email Template
  • 47. Thank You for Joining us! Phone: Email: