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A quick look at some of the current social tools out there. Sort of a social media 101. Presented July 26, 2012 at ASTD LearnNow Conference in Cambridge, MA.

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  • Raise your hands:Are you using social media at work?Are you using social media in your personal life?Do your kids (or your parents) use social media?
  • Since we’re taking a tour, I thought I’d make this one personal, and take you on a tour of my life, through Social Media….along the way, we’ll visit some key sites and I’ll point out some points of interest. Some landmarks we’ll linger on and like all good tour guides I’ll take your questions as they come up. And also, like a good tour guide I’ll make up interesting facts if I don’t know the answers….Minuteman Statue by Daniel Chester French
  • This isn’t new stuff…And because it’s all in technology, we have audit trails and tracking. We can search and discover, connect/communicate/collaborate/check in/publish/share. It’s social media because it’s, well, social!
  • Blogging
  • This was my very first blog post. I’m so proud.
  • RSS – Really Simple SyndicationA way to subscribe to – and consume – all the blogs you want to read.
  • And don’t forget to comment – that’s what makes it social ;)
  • Who has a Linked In profile? Who’s on Facebook?
  • Facebook….
  • Twitter, yammer…
  • Tools to help you use Twitter and filter the stream – otherwise, you’re drinking out of a firehose.
  • Private networks and sharing – behind the firewall or private for your
  • Share you knowledge! Put it out in the wild…
  • 2 years ago I posted my first presentation to slideshare – have posted 8 now. Will likely post this one too 
  • YouTube for learning.
  • 4Square
  •  Forrester included nine vendors in the assessment: Atlassian (Confluence), Cisco (Quad), IBM (connections), Jive, Microsoft,NewsGator (built on top of SharePoint), OpenText, Socialtext, and Telligent.Microsoft SharePoint
  • Wadsworth Longfellow
  • Widener Library
  • Social media tools

    1. 1. Are you using Social Media?
    2. 2. How do you evaluate your technology needs? * Sumeet Moghe, Thoughtworks
    3. 3. So if it’s a tool you need, what tools are out there?
    4. 4. Kodak’s Social Media Policy’s Bloghttp://cammybean.kineo.comSocial Media for Trainers (Facebook Page) – Jane Bozarth New Social Learning
    5. 5. 060718blueduck Media Landscape 2011 Statue by Daniel Chester French Wadsworth Longfellow Library
    6. 6. Connect!Cammy Bean, VP of Learning Design, KineoEmail: cammy.bean@kineo.comTwitter: @cammybeanBlog:
    7. 7. Thanks!