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    Antonyms as context clue Antonyms as context clue Presentation Transcript

    • Vocabulary Context Clues Vocabulary understanding is the best predictor of reading comprehension.
    • Vocabulary 1. Context = whatContext Clues comes before and after the word. 2. Context Clues= hints given about word meaning.
    • Types of 1. Restatement Clue =Context Clues uses different words to state same concept Ex: Anya was indignant— really, really angry—that the bus left without Ex: Please shred the cabbage for the cole slaw by cutting it into long strips
    • Types of 2. Synonym= a word or phraseContext that means almost the sameClues (cont.) as the unknown • If you know the meaning of one word or phrase, you can guess the meaning of the other. Ex: Although the salesperson tried to assuage the angry customer, there was no way to soothe her
    • Types of 3. Antonym= opposite ideas are givenContextClues Ex: Many politicians do not give(cont.) succinct answers. They prefer long ones that help them avoid the succinct= brief; short  Words with opposite meanings are called antonyms. Ex: cold/hot light/dark heavy/light
    • Types of 4. Example Clue = if you understandContext the examples given, you may beClues able to figure out the word meaning.(cont.) Ex: Children who move to a foreign country adapt more easily than their parents, soon picking up the language and customs of their new home. Adapt= adjust Ex: Nocturnal creatures, such as bats and owls, can function in the dark. Nocturnal= active at night
    • Types of 5. Inference or General Sense Clue =Context figure out the meaning by reasoningClues from the information provided by the context. An inference is an educated(cont.) (use the information given) guess. Ex: The car wash we organized we a fiasco- it rained all day. What is a fiasco? What were the clues? Ex: Tom doesn’t want to tell Sam about the entire movie, so he just have him the gist of the story. What is gist mean? What are the clues?
    • Types of 1. Restatement ClueContext Clues 2. Synonym ClueReviewed 3. Antonym Clue 4. Example Clue 5. Inference or General Sense Clue
    • QUIZRead the sentence and 1. It was so gliffpredict the meaning of outside, I had to wearthe underlined word: two sweaters and a jacket! “Gliff” most likely means: A.Warm B.cold C.bright D.dark
    • QUIZIn the following 2. The sociology professorsentence, what commented that thedoes the italicized ideas in my paper wereword mean?, and too ambiguous, that is,What type of vague or too general.context clue didyou use?
    • QUIZIn the following 3. Many species wentsentence, what extinct for unknowndoes the italicized reasons. For example,word mean?, and dinosaurs are no longerWhat type of found on earth.context clue didyou use?
    • QUIZIn the following 4. In the earthquake, manysentence, what victims were killed ordoes the italicized injured and manyword mean?, and children becameWhat type of orphaned.context clue didyou use?
    • QUIZIn the following 5. In contrast to Mary’ssentence, what joyfulness, John’sdoes the italicized despondency reallyword mean?, and worries his parents.What type ofcontext clue didyou use?
    • The End!