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  • 1. “ A TERRIBLE TEST PSU” Camila Lagos Camila Pedreros
  • 2. Hello! Piña Where are you? , I’m waiting for you . It is the second Time that you Leaves me Waiting! The motivation of young people for being able to arise in life, it causes them to become aware of their future. For this reason, Camena and Piña, two friends, were interested in leave a weekend for give a test Psu .
  • 3. Don’t worry, I’m on the bus. In 10 minutes I’m there. The wait of Camena, brought despair of Piña and also her motivation for lying. then the best lie, and used by the Chileans is: I'm on the bus.
  • 4. She Must be ANGRY! Hey, Camena. I got lost in this place. I’m sorry my friend . Piña knew she was late, but she tried to hide with a big smile.
  • 5. I missed you So much . Me too, I needed to see You. The hug was very strong, because they had not seen long ago.
  • 6. Come on fast, Because we are backward . Do we have to Recognize Classrooms?.. Camena and piña were quick to recognize their classrooms.
  • 7. This is boring!, We will not be In the same Classroom. With the impressive number of people was impossible that the two friends were in the same classroom. Camena has to be on the AB classroom, in contrast to Piña that has to be on the AC classroom .
  • 8. The classrooms had at least 40 tables with trials.
  • 9. What’s this? I had never seen this content in my life! And Camena was very nervous giving the difficult test.
  • 10. May not be Possible. after completing the test, Camena was very depressed.
  • 11. I’m very Happy, because I did well on the test. That’s excelent My friend, Than luck! I hope good Results. Then a while Piña, her friend, came to accompany her.
  • 12. What Happens Camena? I think I did very Poorly on the test.
  • 13. But this is not the last test PSU. I know, but I had no idea that existed were some content.
  • 14. Friend, life goes on. Also there is still time to study. Do you want to study with me for the next test?
  • 15. There isn't reason to surrender, you have to be persistent Camena. Thanks Piña, You a re the best friend in the world! Piña helped her friend to feel better and be happy.
  • 16. though, I enjoyed today in the test PSU, and you? Yes, me too. But I’m so tired.
  • 17. You can go with me to the mall? Of course, come on! I need a distraction. At the end. They go together to the mall…
  • 18. THE END