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Proyecto internacional



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  • 1. InternationalprojectSebastián ArboledaCamilo Jaramillo
  • 2. ColombiaColombia, officially the Republic of Colombia, isan American country located in the northwesternpart of South America, organized as a unitaryrepublic constitutionally descentralizada8 with itscapital in Bogotá. Its area is 2,129,748 km ² ofwhich 1,141,748 km ² correspond to the mainlandand the remaining 988 000 km ² to its maritimeextension, 9 which maintains a border dispute withVenezuela. Its GDP PPP also ranked fourth in LatinAmerica and number 28 worldwide. ColombianNominal GDP is the fourth largest in Latin Americaand is ranked 30 worldwide
  • 3. MedellìnMedellin is a Colombian city, capital of thedepartment of Antioquia. It is located in thecenter of the Aburrá Valley, which isbisected by the Medellín River, one of themany valleys of the Andes where alsolocated eight municipalities, forming theMetropolitan Area. With a population of2,393,011 inhabitants in 2012 is the secondmost populous city in Colombia, afterBogotá.
  • 4. Medellín
  • 5. The Medellín RiverThe Medellín River or river Aburrá is a Colombian Riverwhich flows through the city of Medellín and itsmetropolitan area. Born to 3100 meters above sealevel (altitude) at the high of San Miguel, in themunicipality of Caldas, South of the AburráValley, and 100 kilometers later, already with thename of Rio Porce, pours its waters into the riverNechi.Drains the Aburrá Valley in the Central Cordillera ofthe Andes and bathes ten municipalities: Caldas, LaEstrella, Itagüí, Sabaneta, Envigado, Medellin, Bello, Copacabana, Girardota and Barbosa, which make upthe Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley.
  • 6. Pollution of the river.The first manifestations of the contaminationof the Aburrá Valley were initially at 60 thatare located in the more densely populatedof Medellin and creeks that flow into theriver without treatment. The presence ofthese ravines made for the communityalways it easy to dispose of their wasteliquid and solid often.It is produced by the San Fernandoplant of the public companies fromorganic chemist.
  • 7. Processes to purify itall the sewage from homes and industriesare carried by interceptors, large pipesplaced along the Medellin River, arriving toSan Fernando, where they are treated bydifferent processes until you have 80% lesspollution. This is what is called a plant forsecondary treatment that remove the SSTand reduce the BOD.
  • 8. San Fernando plantSan Fernando Plant is located in theMunicipality of Itaguí in Medellinlimits, being a neighbor of the CentralWholesale Food. Receives wastewater fromresidences, industry and tradeItaguí, Envigado, Sabaneta, La Estrella, partof the municipality of San Antonio dePrado, later also receive Caldas Township.
  • 9. San Fernando plant
  • 10. Projects to stop river pollutionEPM, continuing the "Sanitation Program MedellinRiver and its tributaries" plans to build a new plant forwastewater treatment for municipalities Bello andMedellín.The plant will be three times greater than SanFernando, but will have the same secondarytreatment process. It is planned to start constructionin 2010 and has a budget of 336 million dollars.San Fernando, and the other three plants to bebuilt, one in Bello, another in Barbosa and another inGirardota, contribute to the dream that we all seethe River Antioquia Medellintransparent, clean, odor-free and even aquatic life.
  • 11. ThanksOf Manuel Mejía VallejoFor Britihs CousinTeacherWalter AgudeloCamilo Jaramillo