From the Product Manager's Point of View on Tencent


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From the Product Manager's Point of View on Tencent

  1. 1. From the Product Manager’s Point of view on Tencent (QQ) Translated from 腾讯产品运营 PPT 战略发展部商业分析组 Chrissyuan1. What is the product manager?a. The product manager is the designer, operator and the first user of his productsb. The product manager does market researches and collects users’ information.c. The product manager decides the function of products and takes charge of planning and developing new productsd. The product manager should always put himself into users’ shoes to meet the need of userse. The product manager focus on people2. There are two different teams involves in products. One takes responsible for new product development and the other takes responsible for product operation.a. Product/function: meet the basic need of usersb. Operation/profit: enlarge customer base, increase and optimizes the coherency, liveness of users and seek the proper
  2. 2. commercial pattern3. How to create the “product sense”?a. think from users perspective and put yourself into users’ shoesb. prioritize product functions with great clarityc. the purpose of developing new products is make users feel “cool”4. Innovative ThinkingAlthough Tencent is good at copying other’s ideas, they pay moreattention on details of users’ experience.5. How to Cultivate the innovative consciousness?a. brainstorm filter out refineb. Professional innovation method: SCAMPER (S = Substitute, C = Combine, A = Adapt, M = Magnify, P = Put to Other Uses, E = Eliminate (or Minify), R = Rearrange (or Reverse)SCAMPER is an acronym for Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify,Put to another use, Eliminate, Reverse. This is a list of changesthat you could make to existing products and services to open upnew opportunities
  3. 3. REFERENCE: Experience productsa. Principle 1:Regard yourself as a customerb. Principle 2:User interface is simple and clearc. Principle 3: Focus on details (products are almost similar these days so the details will decide determine the success7. What’s the operation of products?a. The purposes: enlarge the number of users// find profit model// increase the liveness of usersb. How to induced consumers to purchase: tell them they will lose sth if they don’t buy your products instead of telling them they will get sth if they buy your products8. SummaryProducts+ Operation=Good Businessa. Products: always put yourself into users’ shoes//details!!!// take priority of fuctionsb. Operation: enlarge the number of users// find profit model// increase the liveness of users