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  1. 1. 458470411480000Memorandum<br />To:Professor Quinn<br />From:Wallace Coney<br />Date:3/20/2011<br />Re:Interview of Professionals<br />Memo<br />In accordance to the current project, this is an attempt to give an account of two professionals who were interviewed and questioned about their background and the history of their current workplace.<br />Interviewee’s:<br />•Ray Miller (VMI): Interview #1<br />•Ed Hren (CVE): Interview #2<br />Professionals’ Background<br /><ul><li> </li></ul> Int. #1<br /> Education, Licensing, Title, Experience:<br />Ray Miller, who is a licensed practitioner of Mechanical Engineering, is the CEO of a company called Vision Mechanical, Inc. (VMI). He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Toledo, and is licensed for practice in Ohio and Michigan. Ray started his company in Toledo in 1998 as a one man operation. It has now grown to house multiple employees and has been in business for twelve years.<br />Responsibilities:<br />The work place of VMI is much like an office setting, with computer and paper work being done on desks in their own private work area or work space. Being the owner of VMI, Ray has the responsibility of supervising all other employees. He is also the project engineer, he does the cost estimating, design, constructing, handles any problems, does field work and makes sure things are installed correctly.<br />Perceptions of Work:<br />Ray perceives his work as something he loves to do. He says that mechanical engineering is a great profession. In his own words, “It’s diverse, the business is growing, and there is always a need for engineers.” In reference to his company, he says that it is still growing and developing. <br />Int. #2<br />Education, Licensing, Title, Experience:<br />Civil Engineering is Ed Hren’s expertise. He is a graduate from Cleveland State, class of 1986, and holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering. He was involved in co-ops while attending Cleveland State. After graduation, he worked for two different engineering company’s doing Engineering and Surveying. In 1995, Ed started a company called Chagrin Valley Engineering with two of his engineering buddies.<br />Responsibilities:<br /> Ed Hren’s work begins in his own private office, handling paper work and computer work. <br />Work also happens outside of the office, out in the field where he does onsite inspections. <br />Ed Hren and his company CVE, also have the title of being the “city engineer.” Responsibilities of the city engineer include; infrastructure, water line, sewer, storm sewer, traffic lights etc. It is his job to coordinate with the mayors of their cities to rebuild things when they deteriorate like bridges, private roads, and drives. <br />Perceptions of Work:<br />Ed Hren loves the work he does. He says that it’s great to make money from something he loves doing. He loves to do field work and has been in his practice for twenty-four years now. <br />Agency Background<br />Int. #1<br />Mission, Purpose:<br />The goal at Vision Mechanical is to provide the customer with a high-quality product at a reasonable cost.<br />Services Provided:<br />The company provides professional Architecture and Engineering services to national, regional, and local customers. Located in Toledo, Ohio, VMI has been providing plumbing, piping, sewer design, heating, ventilation and cooling design, electrical power and lighting design since 1998. The company serves municipal, institutional, automotive, commercial, educational, industrial, and residential clients. <br />Funding, etc:<br />Vision Mechanical is a self-funding for profit, private company. The main areas served are Ohio and Michigan. Indiana and Illinois are also locations of business. VMI’s client list ranges throughout various cities in Ohio. Business is never a problem for VMI. <br />Int. #2<br />Mission, Purpose:<br />Chagrin Valley Engineering promises to provide the best and most intelligent solutions and services to solve real problems with customer service. <br />Services Provided:<br />The company was founded in 1995 and provides a variety of jobs for the community. Every city can’t afford its own full time city engineer, because most of them are too small; this is where CVE comes in. They are hired to act as the city engineer and serve the community. This particular company provides services for the city of Maple Heights, Bedford, and Oakland. The services provided include; civil engineering and site planning, environmental services, geographic information systems (GIC), land surveying and site layout, municipal engineering, and storm water services. <br />Funding, etc:<br />The budget they have is paid by the city they work for. It is their job to allocate a certain amount of money for repairs and anything else. They act as advisors to the mayor or council giving input on ideas. CVE also helps get grants. <br />Comparison & Summary Impressions<br />Similarity/Difference:<br />Though being in different fields of Engineering, these two professionals have certain things in common. As far as the practice setting and the perception of work goes, Ray and Ed are similar. They both do most of their work in office and get out in the field to make sure things are as they should. Both professionals have started their own company and they both love doing what they do. The difference between the two is their responsibilities. A Mechanical Engineer does different work than that of what a Civil Engineer does. <br />Personal Impression:<br />Walking into the Vision Mechanical office, I was greeted by the receptionist, who expecting my visit. I met with Ray and we did the interview in his office. The office had a good amount of space, suitable for a CEO to get work done. I was given a tour around the rest of the suite to see the other offices and desk areas where the team members do drafting and other engineering work. I liked the work place of VMI. It felt like somewhere I’d like to work. <br />My impression of Ed Rhen and City Valley Engineering was also a good one. When I interviewed him over the phone, he was a very polite guy and really knew his stuff. He actually told me about education as far back as high school. I didn’t get to see his work place and see the actual work he does, but his explanation made me interested.<br />Learning Experiences:<br />I learned a lot from both Ray and Ed. They explained what they do in Mechanical and Civil Engineering very good. The information I gained, gave me insight on if I would actually like doing their kind of engineering work. I now know the responsibilities that come with Mechanical and Civil Engineering. What I didn’t learn but would like to know is how much money they both make; but that’s something I wouldn’t dare ask. <br />