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Refining albertas energy advantage[1]

Refining albertas energy advantage[1]






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    Refining albertas energy advantage[1] Refining albertas energy advantage[1] Presentation Transcript

    • ALBERTA’S OIL RESERVES Saudi Arabia Canada Iran Iraq Kuwait Abu Dhabi Venezuela Russia Libya Nigeria U.S. 264 179 133 115 102 92 80 60 39 36 21 Canada , with 179 billion barrels in oil reserves, ranks 2 nd only to Saudi Arabia ALBERTA - 175
    • “ Investable” World Oil Reserves “ Investable” represents reserves associated with political regimes open to foreign investment (excluding Iraq) Total = ~350 Billion Barrels Athabasca Peace River Cold Lake Heavy Oil Edmonton Light Oil Norway 2% Nigeria 11% USA 6% Kazakhstan 9% Other 20% Canada 52% 97% of total Canada oil reserves are found in Alberta
    • THE OIL SANDS RESOURCE Majority of the resource can only be recovered using in situ technologies
    • Oil Sands Projects In Three Deposits Peace River Athabasca Cold Lake Edmonton Calgary Ft. McMurray In Situ Projects Mining Projects Muskeg River Albian Christina Lake Cold Lake Wolf Lake/Primrose Hilda Lake Cold Lake Tucker Lake Peace River Peace River Fort McMurray Fort Hills Horizon Joslyn Creek Syncrude Suncor MacKay River Firebag Hangingstone Long Lake Surmont Foster Creek Jackfish Kearl Lake Jackpine Sunrise Northern Lights Whitesands Seal (Blackrock)
    • ALBERTA SUPPLY OF MARKETABLE CRUDE OIL AND EQUIVALENT SCO Heavy Pentanes Plus Light - Medium Non-upgraded Bitumen Alberta supply of crude oil and equivalent – ERCB May 2008 1.9 mmb/d 3.4 mmb/d actual forecast Non upgraded bitumen Light-medium SCO Pentanes plus Heavy
    • Resources Maximization - Integration From bitumen production to value added processing Fuel Products Diesel Kerosene Gasoline Hydrogen Petrochemicals Ethylene Propylene Butadiene Aromatics Fertilizers Ammonia SynGas Ammonium Sulfate Elemental Sulfur Bitumen Integration Processing (upgrading, refining & petrochemical processing)
    • Largest Feedstock Opportunity in North America
      • Integrated upgrading and refining provides access to the C1 to C8 value chains
      • Upgrader and refinery off-gases will become increasingly important sources of petrochemical feedstock
      • Bitumen upgrading in Alberta will reach 3.0 million BBL/day by 2020 and Upgrader bottoms production will exceed demand for:
        • Energy generation in the region (as bottoms or coke)
        • Energy generation in export markets (as coke)
      • Outcome: this will result in 300 000 - 750 000 BBL/day “Stranded Upgrader Bottoms” and an opportunity for Alberta to become the leading syngas producing region in the world.
    • “ Strategically Imperative” Products for Alberta’s Petrochemical Cluster Development RAW MATERIALS FEEDSTOCKS BUILDING BLOCKS COMMODITIES INTERMEDIATES FINAL PRODUCTS Methane/ refinery residue Syn Gas Methanol Ammonia Acetic Acid Urea, AN C2-C3/ Naphtha Ethylene Ethylene Oxide EG Polyethylenes** C2-C3/ Naphtha Propylene Propylene Oxide Polypropylene Propylene Glycols Refinery off-gas/ Naphtha Butanes Butenes Maleic Anhydride BDO Naphtha Benzene Cyclohexane Phenol Cumene BPA Naphtha Toluene o-Xylene p-Xylene C 2 C 3 C 4 C 6 PTA Phthalic Anhydride VAM UAN 7 6 4 4 5 5 Total: 31* * Derived from initial 77 chemicals selected plus polypropylene ** Includes LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE Natural Gas/ Crude Oil /Bitumen/ Condensate Natural Gas / Crude Oil / Bitumen/ Condensate Natural Gas / crude Oil / Bitumen Condensate Crude Oil/Bitumen Crude Oil/Bitumen Crude Oil/Bitumen C 7,8 C 1
    • Value-Added Policy Development Bitumen Royalty In Kind
      • As owners of the energy resource, Albertans share in the benefits of rising commodity prices and resource development
        • Generate more revenue for Albertans
        • GOA volumes create a liquid marketplace
      • Government’s supply of bitumen is strategic volume to enhance value-added processing
        • Create a stream of bitumen supply that companies can access on a term basis for projects that create value to the bitumen resource in the Province.
      • Considerations
        • Do not penalize existing upgraders
        • Minimize ongoing policy uncertainties to investors
        • Open and transparent process
    • A WORLD CLASS ENERGY HUB Peace River Athabasca Cold Lake Industrial Heartland TO ASIA TO THE USA
    • GEA UPGRADERS: AN ILLUSTRATIVE VIEW Refinery Petrochemical and Processing Plant Existing Upgrader Proposed Upgrader Natural Gas Processing Sturgeon County Strathcona County Lamont County City of Fort Saskatchewan PetroCanada 350,000 bpd Agrium (Fertilizer Plant) Northwest 150,000 bpd Williams Propylene Splitter BA Energy 150,000 bpd Shell Chemicals Shell Current: 155,000 bpd Shell Refinery StatOil/NAOS 250,000 bpd Total E&P Canada Phase 1: 130,000 bpd Phase 2: +70,000 bpd Dow Chemical BP Energy Canada Keyera Energy PetroCanada Refinery Imperial Oil Refinery Proposed: 700,000 bpd Provident Fractionation Facility City of Edmonton
    • Alberta Advantage in the 21 Century
      • Secure and abundant resources
      • Access to North American and world markets
      • Lowest overall taxes in Canada
      • Strong Economy
      • Government strong financial position and no public debt
      • Stable political system
      • Transparent, non-discriminatory regulatory process
      • Huge demand for products and services driven by oil sands industry
      • Well-known in many international markets for:
        • Strong conventional oil and gas related technologies, equipment and services
        • Heavy oil related technology and expertise
      • Modern infrastructure and strong support services
      • Capable and highly educated workforce
      • Zoned heavy industrial sites
      • A welcoming society tolerant to culture differences
      • Well-established R&D community with a proven track record
    • Alberta – An Emerging Energy Hub
        • Investment and Trade
        • Petrochemical Clusters
        • Supply Chain
        • Innovation
        • Skilled Labour
        • Infrastructure
        • Environment
        • Research and Development
        • www.alberta-canada.com