Presentation at IPAC by Satya Das


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Presentation at IPAC by Satya Das

  1. 1. Green Oil:Clean Energy for the 21st Century? Presentation to IPAC Edmonton, 17 November MMX Satya Brata DasPrincipal, Cambridge Strategies Inc.
  2. 2. Environment and Economy=OneIssue Canada is the only energy superpower with an obligation of environmental stewardship.
  3. 3. The Democratic Petro-State
  4. 4. The American oil supply
  5. 5. Our Common Wealth
  6. 6. . . . Assets, not Debt• $47 billion in total financial assets by March 2011 after covering the projected budget deficit
  7. 7. . . . We have the lowest taxes Are they too low? Source: Government of Alberta Ministry of Finance and Enterprise
  8. 8. Our take from Our Oil
  9. 9. The Big Truth Fossil fuels and alternative energyComplement each other!
  10. 10. Alberta’s Destiny:Sustainable energy for the world We have $15 trillion worth of oil sands wealth. Let’s fund the transition to sustainable energy, starting with greener hydrocarbon production.
  11. 11. A Green Future: Grow the Nano Economy•Powerfulapplication inmedicine andbiotechnology;energy andenvironment;computing andtelecommunications•Rearrange theway atoms actand behave inany form
  12. 12. A Green Future: The Bio EconomyCarbohydrate economy to complement the A zero-waste economy in whichhydrocarbon economy using starches and every product and by-product issugars in crops and forests processed to optimal value Results? •Biomass to produce electricity; synthesis gas; liquid and solid fuels. •Agriculture and wood fibre make insulation, textiles, building products, industrial papers, composite materials (even for auto parts), polymers, binders, fragrances, food wraps
  13. 13. A Green Future: High Speed RailInvestment-grade feasibility study byProvince: stand-alone high speed train lineneeds fewer than two per cent of drivers toswitch to make it economically viable.Province assembles the right-of-way;private sector builds and operates togovernment standards.Multi-use right of way can include buried high-voltage powerlines, fibre optics, oil and gas pipelines,dedicated truck highway
  14. 14. A Green Future: Aspirations for our societyAlberta leading in societal development• wellness• literacy• connectivity• community• diversity• inclusion• sustainability
  15. 15. Facing up to a carbon tax Natural Resources Severance Tax (NRST):• Applied to the gross value of any natural resource and;• Measured by the market price of the resource at the first “point of sale” upon severance.
  16. 16. NRST creates jobs and growth A predictable and strong stream of revenue will:• Pay for a clean-energy economy• Accelerate the development of low- carbon industries and;• Greatly increase investment in renewables and alternatives.
  17. 17. Advantages of NRSTA 5% NRST on oil at $70 a barrel,yields $7 million per day to fund the GreenFuture.
  18. 18. Why Must the Oil Sands Go Green? It’s all about social license.
  19. 19. How we map public values Understand Learn how perceptions Design, deliver, and/or perceptions and how compare and what is most communicate new or choices are made important to people existing programs (trade-off) Identify what people are addressing the values of willing to trade off to keep citizens Measure the tenacity with which people what matters most Optimize policies to create stick to their win-win solutions preferences through a user friendly survey- Conjoint Surveys on Albertans Values
  20. 20. Oil Sands Stewardship = “Social License to Operate” Reclamation- 20 type Habitat 19 Ecological 18 monitoring Greenhouse 14 Water 12 Reclamation- 10 pace Land use 6 Development 2Albertan Values Mapping – Oilsands Survey 2010
  21. 21. No faith in our politicians Who do you trust the most to responsibly manage Alberta’s growth Ed Stelmach (PC Party) 23% David Swann (Liberal Party) 9% Brian Mason (NDP Party) 4% Danielle Smith (Wildrose Alliance) 19% None of the above 45%Albertan Values Mapping – Cambridge Strategies Oil Sands Survey 2010
  22. 22. . . . Or in our government I am very satisfied with the Stelmach government Completely agree 2% Agree 10% Slightly agree 25% Slightly disagree 17% Disagree 25% Completely disagree 21%Albertan Values Mapping – Cambridge Strategies Oil Sands Survey 2010
  23. 23. … we have no influence My opinions have no influence on the government Completely agree 21% Agree 30% Slightly agree 28% Slightly disagree 13% Disagree 6% Completely disagree 2%Albertan Values Mapping – Cambridge Strategies Oil Sands Survey 2010
  24. 24. And we aren’t heard I am not being listened to by my provincial government Completely agree 20% Agree 31% Slightly agree 30% Slightly disagree 14% Disagree 3% Completely disagree 2%Albertan Values Mapping – Cambridge Strategies Oil Sands Survey 2010
  25. 25. MPs: No Better I am satisfied with the way the Alberta-based Members of Parliament, from any political party, are representing the interests of Albertans in Ottawa Completely agree 1% Agree 16% Slightly agree 27% Slightly disagree 23% Disagree 22% Completely disagree 11%Albertan Values Mapping – Cambridge Strategies Oil Sands Survey 2010
  26. 26. Suite 208, Empire Building, 10080 Jasper Ave., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5J 1V9 Ways to Connect (780) 420-0505Add you thoughts on Alberta’s clean energy future @