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2013 Presentation Adder Camax Business Applications
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2013 Presentation Adder Camax Business Applications


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2013 Presentation Adder Camax Business Applications

2013 Presentation Adder Camax Business Applications

Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. Business Applications
  • 2. Industrial Process Management CNC Machines Manufacturers Chemical and Pharmaceutical manufacturing Mining, Oil, Gas, Paper, … Industries Any Industrial process control Our KVM solutions are the right tool for extreme working conditions for humans and/or IT devices. Our extension and switching solutions makes possible to put all the IT equipment into a Technical Room/Data Centre. Operators will work at the work place with full control only with the Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Audio and USB 2,0 or serial RS232 devices.
  • 3. Command & Control Control Room environments like: Traffic: Train, Road, ATC Energy: Fuel, Gas, Electricity,... Trading / Bank Emergency / Security / Police Broadcast / Post-production NOC “Network Operation Center”, ...Our Smart, Secure and Flexible KVM solutions will help toimprove Security, Operational, Redundancy andErgonomics at the Operator Workplace in any Mission-Critical environment.With only one Keyboard/Mouse it will be able that eachuser works with different computers with full access, HighVideo quality resolution and full flexible to accessanywhere like other user place, Video Wall, Crisis Room,Redundant computers,...
  • 4. Air Traffic Control ATC ATM Thanks to our extension and switching solutions the Space and work concentration required by Controllers wont be any more an issue. Computers will be placed in a separated room of the Tower with full and transparent access. Controllers dont realize they work with our KVM solution.
  • 5. Broadcast Video & Audio Edition and Post-production TV & Radio Channels Mobile TV and RadioOur AdderLink Infinity series has become the right partnerfor companies like BBC or Canal +Thanks to that Broadcasters are working remotely withhundred of servers and farm servers for Audio an Videopost-production with different topologies like “Point toPoint”, “Broadcast”, “Multicast”, “Switching Network” and“Sharing point” in a multi-platform environment.
  • 6. Data Center Housing & Hosting companies Mobile Operators ISP Banking Insurance Government Hospitals Private companies
  • 7. Data Center Adder KVM over IP is designed for critical environments and give you the full control to your servers. Any BIOS access as well as software over Virtual Media and Power reset by our PDU will be possible thanks to our technology. Full access and control at any time, anywhere as if it you was in front of your server.
  • 8. Audiovisual Museum, Theatre Stadium, Trade Shows, Advertising Meeting Rooms …any Audiovisual applicationOur Extension and Switching product range isdesigned to satisfy any Audiovisual applicationwhere its need to put the PC far from the screen.Our technology support Elo Touch screens, USB 2.0,serial RS232 and Audio.VGA, DVI, HDMI and Display Port videoconnectivities are supported as well as Full HDvideo resolutions up to 1920x1200 or Dual link 2560x 1960
  • 9. Government & DefenceGovernmentMilitary / DefenceTop secret / security access TEMPEST qualified and EAL4+ certified When information absolutely must not be leaked between systems or networks, the ADDERView Secure units combine the necessary isolation with a desirable ease of use.
  • 10. Medical Imaging Medical Diagnosis Machines manufacturers Hospitals Health care IntegratorsHospital applications for Scaner, RX, take care and patient monitoring as wellas Doctors cooperative work at any time anywhere are some of theapplications that our AdderLink Infinity is designed for.
  • 11. Banking Cash Machines. Bank Offices Trading Room for Stock Exchange app Data Centre
  • 12. Digital Signage Retail – Shops and supermarket Bank Offices Queue and Digital Signage Integrators Interactive advertising Our Digital Signage product range are small form factor for to be able to split the information from one PC/Player (Video, Audio and Serial RS232) up to 64 screens via Cat.X cable. Never was as easy, smart and flexible do it avoiding to put one player per screen and with screen power control over RS232 integrated in only one view with our Adder Display Manager software.
  • 13. Let us design the Best Solution for you
  • 14. Thank You