Tridion community Andy Lim feb 2012


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SDL Tridion Community, Andy Lim, February 2012

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Tridion community Andy Lim feb 2012

  1. 1. Toronto User GroupAndy Lim 21st February 2012 SDL Proprietary and Confidential
  2. 2. Agenda• SDL Tridion Community• SDL Tridion Certification• SDL Tridion MVP Program• SDL Tridion Community Webinar2
  3. 3. What is the SDL Tridion Community ?• A collection of resources and individuals that actively provide information around SDL Tridion and its products.• Evolved not Created• Tridion World, Blogs, Forums, Tweets, Groups, You Tube Videos etc.• Supported but not managed by SDL Tridion3
  4. 4. Who is in the SDL Tridion Community ?• Both Internals and Externals• People who work in SDL Tridion• People who work with SDL Tridion• Analysts• WCM Consultants• Competitors4
  5. 5. Why should I join the SDL Tridion Community ?• Given the limited amount of experienced SDL Tridion resources another great channel for information exchange.• Share experiences, code, best practices or mistakes• Learn about other customers, how they have used, are using or will use the software.• Get honest and unbiased opinions.5
  6. 6. How can I join the SDL Tridion Community ?• Join the Forum,• Create an extension• Start a blog• Get certified• Join SDL Tridion• Follow us on the SDL Tridion Twitter page.• Connect with peers in marketing in the LinkedIn Group SDL Tridion Connect• Connect with other professionals in the LinkedIn Group SDL Tridion Professionals.• Become a fan of SDL Tridion or join the SDL Tridion Facebook Group.• Direct connection to the SDL Tridion World YouTube Channel.• Follow the bloggers at SDL Tridion.• Start and join technical or business topics on the SDL Tridion Forum.• Submit your own SDL Tridion product ideas and keep track of them. Also see and vote for other product ideas in
  7. 7. SDL Tridion Certification 1. Developer • Design and develop modular templates and template building blocks • Attain a solid working knowledge of development and best-practices for compound templates • Achieve comprehensive knowledge about SDL Tridion’s technical capabilities 2. Business Analyst • Analyze and determine functional requirements, structural features and business process requirements for the system • Translate business needs (customer workflow, usability and business processes) into concrete implementation requirements 3. Architect • Gain qualifications for all SDL Tridion capabilities, from Content Management to Content Delivery • Understand and perform complex integrations with 3rd party systems, analytics, performance tuning, customizations and more 4. System Administrator • Plan an organization’s environment from A-to-Z • Determine the right technological infrastructure to ensure optimal performance and availability • Show expertise in system administration, installation, configuration and scale-out environments7
  8. 8. SDL Tridion Certification• Supervised by SDL Tridion Professional Services• Online• Given in SDL Tridion offices or client site• 50 min to complete, avg 45 min, 29 qs• Multiple choice, multiple answers• Reference Sources – SDL Tridion 2009 SP1 Content Management Implementation Manual – SDL Tridion 2009 SP1 Templating Manual – Templating Implementation Manual (TOM.NET) 2009 SP1 – Templating and Customization Manual (TOM) 2009 SP1• EXPERIENCE!!!8
  9. 9. SDL Tridion Most Valued Professional (MVP)• A way for SDL Tridion to reward those who contribute to the community the most.• An industry recognized reward.• Certificate signed by SDL Tridion CEO and a nice trophy.• A all expenses paid trip to the MVP conference each year.• A special MVP software license.• The right to use the logo on your site / blog.9
  10. 10. A great way to start • SDL Tridion Community Webinars: • The SDL Tridion Community Webinars are a community driven series of webinars where community members present and share with other community members. • Dates : 9th November 2011 11th January 2012 14th March 2012 May 2012 July 2012 September 2012 November 2012 • Schedule :Webinars and the agendas will be announced via the google group “Tridion Community Announcements”. To subscribe for notifications visit the group on google.10
  11. 11. Questions?11
  12. 12. Copyright © 2008-2012 SDL plc. All rights reserved.. All company names, brand names, trademarks,service marks, images and logos are the property of their respective owners.This presentation and its content are SDL confidential unless otherwise specified, and may not becopied, used or distributed except as authorised by SDL.