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聚陳出薪 Accumulate to Serve (2012.07.25@GNCI真証傳播)

聚陳出薪 Accumulate to Serve (2012.07.25@GNCI真証傳播)



YouTube: http://bit.ly/MRMZnT

YouTube: http://bit.ly/MRMZnT
New Media Workshop@GNCI



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    聚陳出薪 Accumulate to Serve (2012.07.25@GNCI真証傳播) 聚陳出薪 Accumulate to Serve (2012.07.25@GNCI真証傳播) Presentation Transcript

    • 聚陳出薪Accumulate to Serve俞真@ 漁翁撒網.基督教新媒體運動Calvin Yu @ “NetFish” Christian New Media Movement2012.07.25
    • 留神 Attention
    • 留神Attention• 留白令人留神 Attention captured by blank • 「廣告人告白」的故事 A story about James Wong• 注意力管理技巧 Attention Management Skills• 留神與否,存乎一心 Pay attention or not: It’s up to you
    • 例子:JesusDaily@Facebook Example: JesusDaily@Facebook
    • 例子:BibleSummary@Twitter Example: BibleSummary@Twitter
    • 竅門一在選擇分享甚麼資訊和如何分享方面要多花心思,格外留神,才可以讓讀者留神這些資訊!Tip #1We have to pay special attentionin selecting what to share andhow to share, in order to makethe readers pay attention!
    • 表達 Expression
    • 新媒體地圖 New Media Map
    • 資訊圖 Infographics
    • 蘇恩佩@Pinterest SoYanPui@Pinterest
    • 表達Expression• 資訊圖的啟迪 Inspiration of Infographics• 令資訊被看見 Make your information visualised• 情感連繫 Emotional Connection
    • 竅門二運用圖像絕不是要取代進深的閱讀和了解。但在資訊充斥的時代,我們要思考吸引服事對象注意力的切入點,令他們對具有生命價值的訊息留下深刻印象!Tip #2Using pictures is not intended toreplace reading. But in the era ofinformation overload, we have tothink how to attract attention,trigger interest, and emotionallyconnect readers towards gospelmessages!
    • 細節 Details
    • 細節Details• 喬布斯的故事 The story of Steve Jobs• 貫徹始終 Consistency and Persistency• 用戶體驗的重要性 Importance of User Experience • 例子:錯別字的代價/聖經經文 章節/自動分享的連結 Examples: Cost of typos / Bible verses / Auto-Share
    • 竅門三在新媒體帶來的機遇中,如果缺乏對執行細節的專注,不但會令長期努力付諸流水,甚至會影響讀者的信任!Tip #3The lack of attention to detailswill not only undermine ourefforts but also affect the trust ofreaders!
    • 匠心 Ingenuity
    • 匠心Ingenuity• 實際執行:親身參與、累積經驗 Execution: Participate and Experience• 策略制訂:從核心定位起步,並了 解讀者習慣的轉變 Strategy: Start with core positioning and understand the changes in readers‘ habits• 團隊組成:要按自身條件,考慮團 隊的建立與配搭 Team-building: Consider the team formation taking into account the resources and constraints of your organisation
    • 竅門四同樣的內容/資源/團隊,不同的取捨剪裁,會產生不一樣的效果!Tip #4Different implementation willmake a huge difference for thesame content / resources / team!
    • 協同效應 Synergy
    • 協同效應Synergy• 「長尾」的挑戰 Challenge of “Long Tail”• 網站與新媒體平台的整合 Platform Integration• 品牌/項目主導 vs. 專題主導 Brand/Event-driven vs. Theme- driven• 環環相扣,引起共鳴 Integrate tightly to arouse echo• 資源的循環再用 Reuse of resources
    • 協同效應Synergy• 多平台協作 Multi-Platform Synergy • The Story of Stuff Project • TheNextWeb • TED.com
    • 協同效應Synergy• 整合 Integration • 媒體:基督教新媒體講座 Media: NewMediaTalk.cc • 訊息:漁翁撒網@真証傳播 Message: netfish@gnci • 平台:經聞有祢 Platform: VersePress • 事工:漁翁撒網|基督教新媒體 運動 Ministry: NetFish Christian New Media Movement
    • Solidify, Deepen, Extend受眾體驗的鞏固、深化、延伸 Experience
    • 你點睇? What do you think?
    • 延伸閱讀 Extended Reading
    • 延伸閱讀Extended Reading• 「漁翁撒網@真証傳播」文章 (http://netfish.cc) • 〈留神〉 • 〈表達〉 • 〈細節〉 • 〈匠心〉 • 〈整合〉
    • 凡我所行的,都是為福音的緣故,為要與人同得這福音的好處。~哥林多前書9:23
    • 「漁翁撒網」基督教新媒體運動 善用新平台.堅立信望愛 calvinyu@netfish.cc
    • 答客問 Q&A