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傳承下一代:燃點.同行.激勵 Enlighten, Accompany, Inspire (2011.10.13)

傳承下一代:燃點.同行.激勵 Enlighten, Accompany, Inspire (2011.10.13)



YouTube: http://bit.ly/tmB8mq ...

YouTube: http://bit.ly/tmB8mq
Vimeo: http://bit.ly/tqGiei

講題:「傳承下一代:燃點.同行.激勵 」 Christian Communications Ltd. Spiritual Leadership Seminar Topic: Enlighten, Accompany, Inspire



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    傳承下一代:燃點.同行.激勵 Enlighten, Accompany, Inspire (2011.10.13) 傳承下一代:燃點.同行.激勵 Enlighten, Accompany, Inspire (2011.10.13) Presentation Transcript

    •   傳承下一代:燃點.同行.激勵  Enlighten.Accompany.Inspire  俞真@福音證主協會「逆境同行的屬靈領導」研討會  Calvin Yu @ CCL Spiritual Leadership Seminar  2011.10.13
    • 異象傳承 Pass On The Vision
    • 異象傳承Pass On The Vision• 誰來接棒? Pass on to whom?• 溝通模式 Mode of communication• 經驗分享 Experience sharing• 參與 Participation• 知識管理 Knowledge management
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    • 漁翁撒網的挑戰Challenges for NetFish• 充滿誤解、迷思與抗拒的範疇 An area filled with misconceptions and puzzles • 浪費時間 Wasting time • 科技/技術問題 Technology/technical issues • 年青人玩意 For youth only • 對靈命有負面影響 Affect spiritual life adversely
    • 漁翁撒網的挑戰Challenges for NetFish• 缺乏系統性及建設性討論 Lack of systematic and constructive discussion • 充斥科技與市場推廣角度的討論 Technology and Marketing • 基督徒的福音與牧養角度? Christian’s gospel and pastoral care angle? • 對教會與福音機構的策略意義? Strategic meaning for Churches and gospel organisations?
    • 漁翁撒網的挑戰Challenges for NetFish• 鉅大需要與有限資源 Huge Needs and Limited Resources • 時間 Time • 平台 Platform • 認知 Awareness • 傳承 Pass on
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    • 漁翁撒網的挑戰Challenges for NetFish• 異象傳承策略 Vision: Strategy • 文章:異象思考、記錄與傳播 Articles: Vision - Think, Record & Disseminate • 講座:深入專題剖析 Seminar: In-depth analysis • 專案:以實例驗證理論,以實戰 培訓人材 Project: Use examples to verify theory; Use real case to cultivate human resources
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    • 證主App的挑戰Challenges for CCLApp• 團隊:百分百零經驗 Team: Zero experience• 全是恩典:從啟動到上架只30天 Only Grace: 30 days delivery• 關鍵 Key • 心態調整 Mindset alignment • 資源配對 Resource matching
    • 燃點 Enlighten
    • 燃點Enlighten• 異象.方法 Right vision. Right methods• 資訊流通與再用 Information dissemination and reuse• 以實例驗證理論 Use real cases to verify theory• 從大處想,從小處行 Think Big, Act Small• 不可強求 No coersion
    • 同行 Accompany
    • 同行Accompany• 從策略到落實的參與 Participation: from strategy to implementation• 保持連繫:生命點滴的累積與交流 Be there: accumulation and exchange of “dots” in life• 對焦基建,賦權參與 Focus on infrastructure, empower for participation• 伙伴心態:三人行,必有我師 Partnership mindset: learn from them
    • 激勵 Inspire
    • 激勵Inspire• 緊握異象 Hold the mission tight• 遇難而上,鼓舞士氣 Overcome hurdles to inspire• 共同思考對策 Mutual participation• 彰顯果效 Visualise the impact
    • 答客問 Q&A