My Pursuit Of Happiness
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My Pursuit Of Happiness



This is a slide show about the world and my pursuit of happiness.

This is a slide show about the world and my pursuit of happiness.



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My Pursuit Of Happiness My Pursuit Of Happiness Presentation Transcript

  • Cynthia Dorsey My Pursuit of Happiness
  • The Slide About The Declaration Of Independence Author
    • Shadwell in Albemarle County, Virginia.
    • He got most of them from the Enlightment.
    • Wrote the declaration of independence, Inherit-ed what his father did as a farmer, Get married and had six children, Revolutionary Leader, Minister to France
  • This Slide About What Pursuit Of Happiness Means
    • Thomas Jefferson. It is the opening of the American constitution
    • one of the "unalienable rights" of people enumerated in the Declaration of Independence, along with "life" and "liberty." "The right to pursue any lawful business or vocation, in any manner not inconsistent with the equal rights of others, which may increase their prosperity or develop their faculties, so as to give them their highest enjoyment."
  • My Pursuit Of Happiness By Cynthia Dorsey
  • Where I Go To School
    • Teachers are helpful
    • Helps me graduate on time
    • Get my credits quick
    • I like learning here
    • People are nice
  • Something I Like To Do
    • Know your life purpose and your values, Enjoy relationships with others , Avoid negative self talk
    • My family, friends, and life
  • The Best Thing About Me
    • My attitude and how I treat people. How I go about a situation when things get rough and hard to handle.
  • If I Ran For President
    • I feel the people rights are important in the U.S. jobs, houses, and homeless support are all important. Life and money situation are a struggle and is important when help is needed
  • My Most Important Individual Rights
    • Freedom to exercise any religion (Congress should not enact any law in favor of establishing a religion). Freedom of speech. Freedom of press. Right to assemble peacefully. Right to petition for redress of grievances
  • Citizens Responsibilities Are….
    • Respect people. Vote, pay taxes, Go to school, Pay bills, Drive safely, rights to keep a bear arm, Prohibition of arrest for answering any capital or infamous crime
    • Protection from double jeopardy
    • Prohibition of taking private property for public use Protection of rights of the accused
    • Permission for trial by jury
    • Right to counsel Protection from excessive bail
    • Prohibition of imposing excessive fines
    • Prohibition of cruel and unusual punishments
    • Prohibition of search (papers, persons, houses) and seizure without reason Prohibition of quartering of troops (without the consent of the owner)
  • What We Can Do To Make The World A Better Place…
    • Keep are sewer pipes clean, keep pollution out the air, Less homeless, Houses are cheaper and banks don’t own them, Bills are less expensive, Gas and food prices are going down, keep everybody happy
  • My Future Ahead….
    • I see myself graduated from college raising my child and married and off to culinary arts. Telling younger kids how to succeed in school and this is what you can get.
    • I feel am going to get were I want to be in the future by going to school not dropping out getting a good paying job and a house to build up a family with my boyfriend and unborn child on the way. Helping my family when there down and out and keeping my brothers and sisters in school and heads on the right track to get were am going to be in five years.