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My Pursuit of Happiness

My Pursuit of Happiness



It is a presentation of me and my own intrests as a human being

It is a presentation of me and my own intrests as a human being



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    My Pursuit of Happiness My Pursuit of Happiness Presentation Transcript

    • Kyle Alfonso Garcia My Pursuit of Happiness
    • The Declaration of Independence
      • The Declaration of independence was a document signed by our founding father’s to declare our rights to freedom and the pursuit of happiness.
      • John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and James Madison are part of the few.
    • The Pursuit of Happiness
      • John Locke
      • What is it? Where is it from?
      • The pursuit of happiness is a term used to describe our natural rights to life, liberty, and justice.
      • The right to pursue our dreams and our goals, while at the same time being protected from harm and harm upon others.
      • This way of life is based on John Locke’s natural rights theory.
    • My Pursuit
      • Shown here: Jay Adams
      • I strive to find my self in this world. My place, my purpose, and of course my happiness.
      • My happiness is in my rebellion, it is the fast pace and near disaster of a true rebel.
      • I am armed. no gun. no knife. Only a passion
    • Where I Go To School
      • I currently attend Calvine high school.
      • It is the fourth high school that I have attended.
      • It is a continuation school and it is also the first continuation school that I have had the pleasure in attending.
      • Shown here: Calvine High
    • Something I want to do
      • Though skateboarding is my passion I have seen the ocean as my higher power.
      • Ever since this past summer, when I went to Santa Cruz beach, I have found myself eager to learn surfing.
    • Best Thing About Me
      • I am artistic and compassionate
      • And I tend to listen to various types of musicians
    • If I ran for president
      • I would:
      • If I ran for president a lot of people within the government will be furious.
      • For one I would spend money on helping the homeless in our country, rather than buy weapons
      • For two I would expose Roswell and the alien races of the universe.
      • Shown here:
    • My most important individual right
      • Spiritual happiness
      • Financial happiness
      • The pursuit of happiness
    • Citizens Responsibilities Are
      • Theft in the U.S.
      • Citizens are obligated:
      • To abide by the law
      • To pay taxes
      • To respect and never steal from his or her neighbor
      • To Pursue a legit career and make the world a better place
    • What can we do to make the world a better place……………………………….
      • We can start by bettering our priorities, and the way we view life in general
    • My Future In five years I see myself graduating from a university and making my make on the work life of our nation.