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My Pursuit Of Happiness
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My Pursuit Of Happiness


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its mostly about my goals and what is my pursuit of happiness.

its mostly about my goals and what is my pursuit of happiness.

Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Brandon Esquivel My Pursuit of Happiness
  • 2. Meaning Of My Pursuit . .
    • The phrase life , liberty and pursuit of happiness was written by one of the few writers of the declaration of Independence , Thomas Jefferson .
    • Pursuit of happiness means that everyone should be treated of equal values and no one should harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions.
  • 3. My School
    • Calvine High School is a great school , it gives several students a second opportunity in their education.
    • The teachers at calvine are great , their very supporting and always their to assist you with assignments.
    • Students are hard working .
  • 4. Author Of The Declaration
    • Thomas Jefferson , author of the declaration was born and raised in Virginia . He lived most of his life in Britain and France.
    • philosopher Voltaire was a big inspiration to Thomas.
    • Founding of the University of Virginia was another great achievement in his life.
  • 5. My Pursuit Of Happiness
  • 6.
    • One of the things I like to do the most are play soccer , I play for a couple different teams and find myself good at it.
    • What I do for my pursuit of happiness is work hard to live better later on .
    • Important people in my life are my parents and my family , they support me in everything.
    Something I Like To Do. .
  • 7.
    • Something good about me is that I'm very hard working , responsible and self motivated. That’s something needed to move forward in life.
    The Best Thing About Me. .
  • 8. Most Important Individual Right to Me
    • Amendment II is the most important to me . The right to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
    • Being capable of protecting yourself shouldn’t be crime.
  • 9. Making The World Better Place.
    • Recycling is a big and easy way to help the word be a better place .
    • Saving power .
    • Not littering
  • 10. If I Ran For President
    • What I think matters the most in our country is freedom . Some country's don’t have freedom . Its something people take for granted. .
  • 11.
    • Citizens of the U.S are the real people that run the country . Our job is to make sure the president is on track .
    • Citizens have their right to freedom of speech.
    Citizen Responsibilities
  • 12.
    • I see my self in 5 years finishing up my bachelors degree in business & finance . That’s one of the few goals in mind.
    • I plan to get their by working hard in school and at my part time job .
    My Future