Understanding Exposure: Shutter Speed
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Understanding Exposure: Shutter Speed






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Understanding Exposure: Shutter Speed Understanding Exposure: Shutter Speed Presentation Transcript

  • Understanding Exposure by KarKar Photography Part 3: Shutter Speed
  • RecapThe exposure is the amount of light received bythe film or sensor and is determined by how wideyou open the lens diaphragm (aperture) and byhow long you keep the film or sensor exposed(shutter speed). The effect an exposure has dependson the sensitivity of the film or sensor.
  • The Exposure TriangleIt is better to be under exposed than over exposed!
  • Correct Exposure• Balance of light and dark• Auto mode can generate• 6 or more combinations• Subject independent
  • Creative Exposure • Freeze action • Show action • Paint a picture • Pan or zoom • Make it rain by SCholewiakRight combination of aperture, shutter speed and ISO
  • Focus on Shutter Speed Using shutter speed to get creative exposures
  • What is the Shutter?Typically two curtains that open and close to let in light
  • Purpose of Shutter by unclebumpy Control the amount of light reaching the film or image sensor.
  • Amount of Light by jurvetsonThe longer the shutter is open the more light
  • Lower is Faster• Often displays as whole numbers 60,125, 250, 500• Represents fractions of time 1/60 second• 1/2 as much light between stops (1/125 to 1/250)• Bulb setting• Control in shutter priority mode and manual
  • Hard to hold by Tor Håkon1/(lens mm) typical slowest shutter speed (Hand held)
  • Long Shutter by F 5.6A good pair of legs and head
  • Image stabilization by Rafakoy Sharp images up to 4 stops slower
  • Improvise• Lean• Grip• Brace• Timer• Stop breathing
  • Putting it together by Mykl RoventineHow do I use shutter speed to my advantage?
  • Creative Shutter Speed• Freezing action• Slow it down• Panning• Zooming• Making rain• Painting Just some of the possibilities...
  • Freezing Action by SportShotChris1/500 to 1/1000 second and beyond
  • Slow it Down• Imply motion• Tripod or good support• Moving subject• Experiment with shutter speed• 1/2 second to cotton candy• 8 seconds for tail lights
  • Panning• 1/30 - 1/4 of a second• Move with subject• Smooth motion• Background critical• Takes practice by yorkshiregeek
  • Zooming• Zoom while taking a shot• Tripod can be helpful• Start wide and zoom• Smooth motion• 1/2 second or more by roger g1• Takes practice
  • Making Rain• A sprinkler• A subject (flowers, fruit, etc)• A long lens• Face the sun• 1/60 of a second
  • Painting• 1/4 -1/2 second• Press the shutter and move• Left to right or round and round• Need the right subject• Abstract and fun by kevindooley
  • But How?Turn the dial: shutter priority or manual mode
  • Demo Time by Gerrit WenzLet’s try something fun
  • Question? by e-magicHow? What? Where? When? Why?
  • Stay TunedISO coming up next