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Week 4

Week 4






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    Week 4 Week 4 Presentation Transcript

    • Week four
    • Remember the Alamo
    • In 1835, 35,000 Americans lived in Texas which was owned and under the control of Mexico.
    • The dictator of Mexico was Santa Anna. His decisions were not liked by the Americans.
    • The American Texans declared independence from Mexico and they call the state “the Lone Star State”.
    • Santa Anna’s army of 6,000 reacted by attacking approximately 200 American at Alamo, San Antonio.
    • The entire group of defending Americans were killed after 13 days of hard fighting.
    • Some of the famous Americans who died there were Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, and WB Travis.
    • Shortly after the Battle of San Jacinto, Americans use the cry of “remember the Alamo” while they fought and defeated the Mexicans.
    • Texas finally won it’s independence in 1836
    • War with Mexico
    • Americans wanted to add land in the Southwest to the nation.
    • In 1846 President Polk tried to buy California from Mexico, but Mexico did not want to sell the land.
    • General Taylor and a large part of the US Army were sent to Rio Grande and this angered the Mexicans.
    • He fought and won California for the US, uniting it under the Bear Flag.
    • In 1948, a peace treaty was signed, with the US gaining California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Texas, Colorado, and Wyoming.
    • Famous people who fought in this war were Ulysses S. Grant, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and George McClellan.
    • Opening the Oregon Territory
    • In 1846 the US and Great Britain agreed to a treaty diving the Oregon country in two at the 49th parallel.
    • The US portion included the present day states of Washington, Idaho, Oregon, parts of Montana and Wyoming.
    • Fur traders were the first to settle the Northwest.
    • Marcus Whitman, a Christian doctor, went to preach to and doctor the Indians near Fort Walla Walla (Washington state)
    • These Indians were upset at the 1000s of settlers who came into their area. They brought measles with them—and wiped out half their tribe. Due to this, they blamed Whitman and killed him, his wife and others at the mission.
    • The Pony Express, a mail service which transported mail with a series of riders, operated for 18 months in the early 1860’s. Mail which might have taken months could now reach the west coast in 10 days.
    • The Pony Express was replaced by the first transcontinental telegraph invented by Samuel Morse.