El roi (6 )


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El roi (6 )

  1. 1. What do Iknowabout God?
  2. 2. The name ofGod. EL
  3. 3. God the creator Elohi
  4. 4. God the mosthigh El
  5. 5. Almighty,most powerful. El Shaddai
  6. 6. My Master Adonai
  7. 7. What do Iknowabout God?
  8. 8. God Sees El Roi
  9. 9. Where do you run to when you feel mistreatedand alone?Where can you find comfort? Does anyone seeyour need?
  10. 10. The Lord is “the God who sees me.” When weunderstand that the Lord is aware of our painand need, our strength will be renewed. Godnot only sees us, He sees the future. Hepromised Hagar a future for her unborn sonIshmael. We too have hope for tomorrow,whatever our pain is today.
  11. 11. God sees all as El Roi and so is never caught bysurprise.
  12. 12. The story of Hagar and Ishmael.whenever we run ahead of God, there istrouble. The flesh loves to help God, but truefaith is shown in patience.Story of the Rose
  13. 13. Maybe like Hagar youre also running from adifficult situation in which you were unjustlytreated and maybe like Hagar you were part ofthe problem. Take comfort in the truth that ElRoi sees your distress. He has heard howyouve have been spoken to.
  14. 14. in the lonely places, where danger anduncertainty lurk on every side, God’s childrenare not really a`lone. God overlooks none; Hesees them all.
  15. 15. For the ways of a man are before the EYES ofthe LORD and He watches ALL his paths.There is no hiding from El Roi Who watchesover you, seeing and knowing all thathappens, and "He is able to come to the aid ofthose who are (being continuously) tempted(tested or tried)" (Heb 2:18).
  16. 16. Psalms 139David prays: (23) Search me, O God and knowmy heart; Try me and know my anxiousthoughts. (24) and SEE if there be any hurtfulway in me and lead me in the everlasting way.
  17. 17. Proverbs 5:21 (NASB95)21 For the ways of a man are before theeyes of the Lord, And He watches all his paths.
  18. 18. Keep your eyes on the Lord;He never takes His eyes off you.And because this is eternally true of the Nameof the Lord, El Roi...Let Everything that has Breath Praise Him