Ancient history  week 1
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Ancient history week 1






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    Ancient history  week 1 Ancient history week 1 Presentation Transcript

    • Ancient History- Week 1
    • God has always existed.
    • In the beginning, God created the world and all that is in it in 6 days. And on the seventh day God rested.
    • The sin of Adam and Eve had disastrous consequences. Adam wasthe head of all creation, so because of Adam’s sin, God cursed the world.
    • As Godpromised,deathresultedfromAdam’s sin.
    • Even thoughAdam broke God’s law, Godremained gracious and promised he would send a“seed” that would crush Satan and his Kingdom.Jesus is that seed.
    • God observed that man’s every intent was eviland wicked. He was grieved He had made man and said He would destroy man.
    • But Noah foundgrace in the eyesof the Lord.Noah was arighteous man.
    • A flood destroyed thewhole world except for Noah and his family.
    • God sent a rainbow as a signhe would never destroy the world again.
    • Before the flood there was never any rain. There was alarge cloud that covered the whole earth
    • It was like a greenhouse.
    • This is why the people lived so long in ancient times.
    • When the flood happened, it rained for 40 days
    • -but therewere alsovolcanoes,springs ofwatermakingcanyonsand gorges,
    • and tsunamis.
    • The Ice Age began whenGod removed that vaporcloud and we had seasons for the first time.
    • Immediately following the flood, several factors brought on the ice age
    • There would have been extra moisture in theatmosphere with all the water, coldertemperatures and colder climate everywhere.The water would have begun to freeze.
    • During the ice age, man did not ceaseto exist. The entire earth was notcovered by ice, just large parts of it.
    • Many people migrated during this time periodsearching for a more desirable climate. Landbridges that once were covered by water wouldhave been exposed making travel to othercontinents easier.
    • After the flood, acivilization wasstarted in the“Fertile Crescent”.
    • This area is called the Mesopotamia which means “land between rivers”.
    • The Sumerians were intelligent becausethey rebuilt society in a relatively short period of time.
    • They had irrigation systems, flushing toilets, hot and coldwater in homes, art in statues (with big eyes!), thecalendar, the wheel and poetry.
    • They even hadan early form of writing called Cuneiform.
    • Cuneiform
    • The Sumerians wrote a story called the “epic of Gilgamesh”
    • It was a poem that mixed fact and fiction.It sounded very similar to the story of the Fall and the flood!
    • Abraham came fromthe Sumerains in acity called Ur.