Media A2 - Calum Seán Howard


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This is my A2 Media coursework

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Media A2 - Calum Seán Howard

  2. 2. Research into marketing strategies – Scream 4• As Im doing my teaser trailer for a horror film I decided Scream 4 (which deliberately uses typical horror film conventions/pastiches) was an appropriate film to research. I have looked into the different marketing strategies used to advertise the film. This is the teaser trailer for the film (Clip is taken from Youtube) Analysis on next slide
  3. 3. Research into marketing strategies – Scream 4• This teaser trailer uses a lot of fast cut shots, mainly between the main characters. It uses a lot of action and not much dialogue; this means that as soon as the idea of the film has been decided, they can get it out to the audience. In this case, as Scream is a franchise, most people know what it is generally about and it is therefore un-necessary to show much more than a very general outline of the plot and the main characters. The teaser has only really got one set of dialogue, in voiceover form, which is the distinctive voice of Scream. This has been really useful to give me ideas of shot lenghts and what sorts of shots toWebsite:• The website opens to a widescreen view of the theatrical trailer, which is far more in depth than the teaser trailer giving a much clearer idea of the storyline. There is a lot more dialogue and it is a lot longer. There is a clear difference between the two trailers and this has helped to differentiate between teaser and theatrical trailers. The website also gave a link to the Facebook:!/Scream4 Films increasingly have websites and Facebook pages (which they never used to) This might be used to attract younger audiences who are internet- users.
  4. 4. Research into marketing strategies – Scream 4Posters/billboards• The billboard is simplistic but eye-catching. As the Scream films are so franchised, loads of details arent necessary; all thats needed to advertise the long awaited Scream 4 film is the signature Scream motif and the name of the film.TV Interviews• This is an interview with Scream 4s star Neve Campbell. Lots of films often use TV interviews with the stars as a way of publicising their film. It can be a really good advertising technique, especially as audiences might particularly like the star and will watch the interview and probably the film for that reason alone.
  5. 5. Teaser TrailerFor our A2 coursework we have to create a teaser trailer so Ive done some research into exactly whatTeaser trailers are and what they include in order to make mine as good as possible!• A teaser trailer is a trailer that is made, mainly for Blockbusters just to get the idea of the film publicised in its early days and not necessarily illustrate the actual plot. They often use a lot of action instead of dialogue, especially as sometimes theyre made before the film is even filmed.• Theyre different from normal trailers in many ways which include: trailer length (teasers are often shorter), content (teasers are often more action and less dialogue) and many more.• Teaser trailers are often made and released very early on in the production of the film, sometimes before any filming has even began.As-well as having done some research into teaser trailers Ive decided to find a few examples toanalyse so I know exactly what sort of thing Im going to be working on.
  6. 6. Teaser Trailer analysisScream 4 Teaser Trailer(Found on Youtube) uses many of the aforementioned conventions a teaser trailer. The trailer is made up largely of a series of ofquick-cut, fast paced action shots, to engage the audience. As the film is part of a very well known franchise it meansthat when creating the trailer they could use distinctive elements from the previous films to instantly familiarise andengage the audience. It starts with the very distinctive sound of the phone ringing (exactly how the very first film hadstarted), and is then followed by a shot of the main character and a voiceover of the also extremely distinctivemurderer on the phone. The trailer then has a series of very fast-cut shots of most of the main characters, giving thesame effect of familiarising the audience. There is very little dialogue in the trailer, instead credits are used to give ageneral outline of the plot. This is a very typical teaser trailer, providing everything needed to engage the audience,without having to go into depth about the plot, with a very short running time.
  7. 7. Teaser Trailer analysis cont. Inception teaser trailer (found on youtube) is again showing many of the typical teaser trailer conventions I found out about in my earlier research. It startswith credits displaying the well-known directors name (Christopher Nolan), shortly followed by another credit statingthat Nolan was also The Director of The Dark Knight, a fairly recent commercially successful block-buster. This instantlyengages the audiences interest. This is followed by a rather epic and spectacular birds-eye shot of the city, engagingthe audience further through the use of brilliant cinematography. The trailer then cuts to a shot of well-known actorLeonardo Di-Caprio, pulling in the audience even further, having still not included any dialogue nor any hint at the plotline. Following this are a series of fast-cut shots including: credits provoding a very basic plot idea, incrediblecinematography shots and shots of Leonardo. All of this, as-well as a dramatic score meant that they could getaudiences excited about the film very early on, without even having to explain the plot.
  8. 8. Teaser Trailer analysis cont. Breaking Dawn teaser trailer (found on Youtube) teaser trailer veers slightly away from the typical teaser trailer conventions that the other two used; there is a lot lessaction in it as well as being a bit longer than the others. However, other than that it uses a lot of the same conventions:• Credits giving idea of plot-line• Not masses of dialogue• Voiceover• Dramatic musicIt, like Scream is also franchised and has used that to its advantage, showing shots of the main characters one afteranother. Most similarly to the others, it manages to engage the audience with very little plot give-away, especially byending with a shock/cliff-hanger
  9. 9. Teaser Trailer conventionsHaving analysed 3 teaser trailers I have got a clearer idea of theconventions they use, and therefore the conventions I will beusing for mine.These are the main conventions I’ve noticed to be used in teaser trailers:• Credits (often part-explaining plot line)• Not masses of dialogue• Voice-over• Fast paced• Short shots• Main actors shown• Dramatic music• Short running time• Ambiguous plot
  10. 10. Print Media terminology researchMASTHEAD: The title of a newspaper or magazine which is usuallyfound at the top on the front page.STRAPLINE: Advertising slogans are short, often memorable phrasesused in advertising campaigns. They are claimed to be the most MASTHEADeffective means of drawing attention to one or more aspects of aproduct. A strapline is a British term used as a secondary sentence Taglineattached to a brand name. Its purpose is to emphasize a phrase that Screamerthe company wishes to be remembered by, particularly for marketinga specific corporate image or connection to a product or consumerbase. CoverCOVER LINES: Catchy phrases on magazines, made to get the reader lineswanting to read more.SCREAMER: a sensational newspaper headlineTAGLINE: a catchy, enticing, short phrase used by marketers and filmstudios to advertise and sell a film; they are often seen on filmposters.BILLING BLOCK: The list of actors and/or director etc on a film Barcodeposter/DVD cover etc. (Usually small and at the bottom)
  11. 11. Film poster & magazine cover analysisFor the film poster/magazine cover part of my coursework Ive analysed a few film posters and magazine covers to getan idea of the major ingredients needed to produce a successful film poster/magazine cover.Here are my analysed film posters: Salt
  12. 12. Film poster & magazine cover analysis cont.Scream 4 Red has connotations of death, danger and blood.
  13. 13. Film poster & magazine cover analysis cont.Titanic
  14. 14. Film poster & magazine cover analysis cont.These are my analysed magazine covers:Film It adheres to the typical conventions of a magazine. Eg. It has a barcode, price, etc.
  15. 15. Film poster & magazine cover analysis cont.Empire It adheres to the typical conventions of a magazine. Eg. It has a barcode, price, etc.
  16. 16. Research on film classification (BBFC)• The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), originally British Board of Film Censors, is a non- governmental organisation, funded by the film industry and responsible for the national classification of films within the United Kingdom. Classifications: U (Universal) - Everyone can watch PG (Parental Guidance) - All ages can watch, but some scenes might not be suitable for children under 8 12A - These films can be viewed by children under 12 but only when accompanied by an adult. 12 - Only people over 12 can buy/see 15 - Only people over 15 can buy/see 18 - Only people over 18 can buy/see R18 (Restricted 18) - Can be seen by anybody over 18 but has higher sexual or violence activity. There are a number of things that the BBFC will have to think about to be able to give the film a classification. Examples of these: use of drugs, sexual content, violence, etc. The BBFC can intervene with films if they feel the content is too extreme. They can change the rating to a higher rating or even cut the film from being shown, in exceptional circumstances.
  17. 17. My target audienceI had a rough idea of what sort of age range my Film/Teaser Trailer would be aimed forbut decided to make a questionnaire to give to a variety of people to clarify I wastargeting the right audience with my marketing campaign. I decided only to researchthe age group to target my film for as I don’t feel demographics like gender, sexualityetc. are particularly relevant to my film.My questionnaire simply asked ‘Which age-group do you think Horror films generallyappeal to?’ The options were 12-14, 15-21, 22-30, 30-40 & 40+100% of the people who answered my questionnaire said that horror films generallyappeal to the 15-21 year old age group. This is as I expected.Seeing as I am making the teaser trailer for a horror film I had to therefore decidebetween classifications 15 & 18. I have decided to make my film a 15 as although it isa scary film, the film wouldn’t have any violence too severe and doesn’t include anyof the other factors that decide the classification of a film (nudity, sexual content etc)
  18. 18. Audience ResearchI created a survey on ‘Kwik Surveys’ and put it on my Facebook to get resultsfrom a variety of different people, and not just my media class (as they mayhave been biased)These are my questions and results:
  19. 19. Audience Research cont.
  20. 20. Audience Research cont.
  21. 21. Audience research analysisMy results proved to be very helpful and informative. I got results froma wide age-range giving me balanced feedback. The majority ofpeople who answered my survey thought that my teaser trailer/filmshould be given a 15 classification; this is what I thought wasappropriate, so this is the classification I’ve chosen. My research alsodrew me to the conclusions that people are most drawn to a magazinecover or film poster based on it’s:• Background image (especially if it’s a famous actor)• Headlines• Magazine name/typeThis research has been really helpful and will help me when creatingmy products.
  22. 22. Magazine cover draft
  23. 23. Finalised magazine coverLink to magazinecover (bigger):
  24. 24. Film poster draft
  25. 25. Finalised film posterLink to see filmposter (bigger):
  26. 26. Teaser trailer ideas
  27. 27. Teaser trailer finalised ideas I’ve decided not to use the green band as it’s used on American films and mine is a British film.
  28. 28. Storyboards for teaser trailer These are my storyboards for my teaser trailer:
  29. 29. Planning for teaser trailerLocation: I have looked around a few local woods to try and find one appropriate for my teasertrailer. I needed to find a wood with a car park preferably (instead of doing some of the filming ina normal car park and some in a wood) as it would help with continuity. I’ve found one which Ifeel is perfect for it. The place is called Coombe Hill.Casting: I had already decided that my friend Anna Molesworth was to play the only characterseen in the Teaser Trailer.Risk Assessment: I don’t feel that there are any particular risks in the filming of my teaser trailer.Prop list: Costume design:GAG My character is just meant to be wearingMOBILE casual clothes so that’s what I told An to wear
  30. 30. Teaser Trailer First Cut is the first cut of my teaser trailer. I uploaded this to Youtube andcreated an online questionnaire/survey to get feedback and constructivecritique. I put the link to the trailer and to the survey on Facebook, so Icould get a wide range of people.
  31. 31. Questionnaire Results
  32. 32. Questionnaire Results cont.
  33. 33. Questionnaire Results cont.
  34. 34. Questionnaire Results cont.
  35. 35. Teaser Trailer – Final cutYoutube link to finalised Teaser Trailer:
  36. 36. EvaluationYoutube links to evaluation:Conventions used/challenged: of products: feedback: technologies used:
  37. 37. BibliographyScream 4 link to Facebook screenshot - 4 billboard picture – film poster – 4 film poster – film poster –
  38. 38. Bibliography cont.‘Film’ magazine cover –‘Empire’ magazine cover – band picture – 4 teaser trailer – teaser trailer – dawn teaser trailer -