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Air purifier introduction

Air purifier introduction



Apart from the presence of airborne contaminants and other harmful pollutants within the workplace, pathogenic microorganisms that, if left uncontrolled, will eventually become a significant health ...

Apart from the presence of airborne contaminants and other harmful pollutants within the workplace, pathogenic microorganisms that, if left uncontrolled, will eventually become a significant health risk and the consequent cause of infection and ill health amongst staff members. The Air Revolution™ boasts nanotechnology at the forefront of Applied Physical Science, and furthermore is unparalleled in efficiency and reliability, making it a unique forerunner in portable ‘surface to air’ purification devices.



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    Air purifier introduction Air purifier introduction Presentation Transcript

    • Air Revolution™ Catalytic Air Purifier -An Introduction
    • Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) The EPA informs us that 6 out of 10 homes and buildings are "sick", meaning they are hazardous to your health to occupy as a result of airborne pollutants 50% of all illness is aggravated or caused by polluted indoor air Todays homes and buildings are built air-tight, and contain a long list of pollution sources. As a result, natural air-cleansing agents such as ozone and negative ions are kept out, while contaminants are kept in According to Scientific America, a baby crawling on the floor inhales the equivalent of 4 cigarettes a day, as a result of the outgassing of carpets, moulds, mildews, fungi, dust mites, etc. Most people spend well over 90% of their time indoors., in which case, indoor air is going to impact our health far more than outdoor air
    • Sources of Poor IAQ Inadequate Ventilation -- These problems involve lack of adequate fresh air and uneven distribution of fresh air within a building Humidity and Temperature -- These problems involve levels of these parameters outside the normal comfort range Inside Contamination -- Copy machines, office products and chemicals stored indoors have been identified as significant sources of indoor air problems Outside Contamination -- This is caused by the re-introduction of previously exhausted contaminants, generally caused by improper air intake placement or by periodic changes in the wind conditions. A common problem is vehicle exhaust fumes from parking garages or loading docks being drawn into a building ventilation system Microbial Contamination -- This type of problem is usually associated with water leaks, water infiltration, elevated indoor humidity, humidifiers and contaminated ventilation ductwork New Building Materials -- This results from building materials (including carpeting) releasing gasses into the air during and shortly after the materials are first installed
    • The Solution The Air Revolution™ Catalytic Air Purifier uses an entirely new concept for efficient and reliable air purification, and is capable of eliminating both surface and airborne microorganisms. Our solution is: A portable or mounted ‘surface to air’ purification device Effective Safe Economical Efficient Durable Reliable Versatile Automatic Low maintenance
    • Accreditation SABS ISO 9001 EN 551041/95 electromagnetic compatibility standards IEC 60335 electrical safety standards Health Protection Agency tested with proven efficacy results
    • Benefits Reduced workplace illness through the proactive transmission control of airborne bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and mould spores Eliminates odours e.g. staff ablutions & smoking rooms Low cost solution with minimal maintenance requirement and low power consumption operation Choice of unit size and installation options will suit most operating environments. This avoids high development costs associated with bespoke solution designs.
    • Advanced Thinking Four ‘antimicrobial’ oxidizing agents common to nature are incorporated into the device Ionization, Ozone or Trivalent Oxygen, Ultraviolet Light, Titanium Dioxide These are widely recognized for their oxidative properties and the related significance in terms of disease prevention. When these elements are used in combination, the Air Revolution Catalytic Air Purifier is very effective as a portable and electronic ‘surface to air’ sterilization device.
    • The Agents Ionization Effectively removes airborne contaminants, resulting in air that is revitalized, purified and beneficial to everyone in the environment. Exposure to air depleted or devoid of negative ions causes health problems. Air Revolution’s unique ionizer generates an impressive 3 million negative ions per cubic centimeter. Ultraviolet Light C (UVC) lamp is germicidal (an agent that is destructive to pathogenic microorganisms). Proven capability in instrumentation sterilization; bacterial control and air sterilization in hospitals and clinics.
    • The Agents Titanium Dioxide or TiO2 P25 A strong oxidizing agent . Effectively, yet safely and without harmful or toxic effects to human or animal life acts as a ‘broad spectrum antimicrobial agent’. destroying microorganisms and other organisms such as mould and spores. The activated bioactive hydroxyl elements such as (O, O2 and OH) actively sanitize the air and reduce cross- contamination of pathogens and microorganisms.
    • Properties Virucidal and Antibacterial: The super oxidation (ox hydrogen gene) of TiO2 destroys cell membranes and causes them to die as a result of the loss of cell material. It solidifies the protein of the viruses, restrains their virus activity and furthermore grasps, and kills germs that are suspended in the air. The germ-killing capability is as high as 99.997% (through a TiO2 air purifier)
    • Properties Deodorizing and Antiseptic: The deodorization power of nanoscaled TiO2 P25 is up to 150 times as strong as that of effective fabric active carbon per cm2, which is equal to 500 active carbon fridge deodorants. Oxidative: Nanoscaled TiO2 P25 is known to actively decompose airborne allergens thereby restraining the progression of various related diseases, and furthermore assists in the control of such. Asthma in one such disease.
    • Properties Airborne Particulate Control - Because of the Air Revolution’s unique nanoscaled and highly dispersed metallic oxide, TiO2 (P25), and due to it being both Photoactive and Photokinetic, this remarkable highly dispersed catalyst has greater oxidation capabilities than O3 and Anion, and in addition a better capacity for absorption than active carbon and H.E.P.A.. This makes the Air Revolution’s photoactive TiO2 (P25) one of the most effective ways to restore and control optimum air quality in the workplace, which is immeasurable in terms of disease prevention and staff well being.
    • Who Should Install Air Purifiers? Prisons Doctors Offices Dentists Hospitals and Clinics Pathology laboratories Veterinarian Clinics Day Care Centers Schools Nursing Homes Hotels Restaurants Pubs Supermarkets Health Clubs Beauty Salons and Hairdressers Nurseries Food Processing and Beverage Bottling Facilities Manufacturing Plants Any business interested in providing a healthy work environment for their staff
    • Thank You Bryan Paton 0764588490bryan@caltayrow.com