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Energy and Utility Provision
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Energy and Utility Provision


In the Energy and Utility Provision page, you can find information on renewable energy sources such as Air and ground source heat pumps; Solar Thermal Systems: Solar Photovoltaic Panels and PV Roof …

In the Energy and Utility Provision page, you can find information on renewable energy sources such as Air and ground source heat pumps; Solar Thermal Systems: Solar Photovoltaic Panels and PV Roof Tiles as well as non renewable energy provision such as oil, coal and gas.

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  • 1. Energy and Utility Provision WholeBuild.co.uk
  • 2. Photovoltaic Glass to Glass BIPV Modules
    • Photovoltaic glass to glass laminates replaces conventional glazing materials whilst simultaneously harnessing energy from daylight to generate electricity.
    • Photovoltaic glass to glass modules (BIPV) are ideal for a variety of applications including
    • Curtain Walling/facades
    • Structural Glazing
    • Roofs
    • Atria
    • Glass Canopies
    • Bris soleil
    • Windows
    • Roof lights
    • Roof glazing
    • Ballustrades
    • Technical Specification for Speciality BIPV Solar Panels
    • The efficiency or output of the speciality Photovoltaic solar panel relates to the amount of transparency you want on your design.
    • The Photovoltaic cells themselves are standard. But we can either increase or decrease the space between the cells within the panel, in order to increase or decrease the transparency of that panel.
    • CareyGlass Solar can customise the panels to meet your needs. The sky’s the limit really! Less transparency gives a higher output. More transparency gives a lower output.
  • 3. Solar PV panel system
    • Electricity requirements vary depending on the size of your property and how energy efficient the building and appliances are.
    • The power produced by a MAP environmental PV panel system contributes directly to the electrical demand of the building and in most installations substitutes electricity that would otherwise have been drawn from the National Grid.
    • If at any point more electricity is being generated than the building is using, the excess will be exported back to the grid.
    • All-in-one solutions
    • MAP environmetal’s Solar PV has been designed to suit a wide variety of needs and situations and is available as complete kits or a customised system design, saving you time and money and ensuring safety and code compliance.
    • The system is set up with 4 basic elements:
    • PV Modules – modules made exclusively for us by TopSola are made from an array of solar cells which transforms solar energy into electricity and sends it to an inverter .
    • inverter – The inverter converts the DC electricity generated by the PV module into AC electricity and automatically controls the entire system, ensuring that the PV modules are functioning optimally.
    • Consumer Unit (Fuse Box) – The consumer unit delivers appropriate loads to household electrical appliances.
    • Watt-Hour Meter – The amount of excess electricity sold and purchased is calculated from the respective watt-hour meter.
    • Location of PV Modules
    • The location of PV modules is very important. The ideal site is one that faces south as they must receive the maximum amount of daylight possible.
    • However, other orientations such as south west can be viable with relatively little drop in performance (4 – 10%).
    • Any shade, such as from trees or neighbouring buildings, can make a large impact on the performance of a PV system. To work effectively, the whole PV module needs to be free from shade for most of the day.
    • Grants
    • There are Government funded grants available for Solar PV installations in the UK and Ireland. You may also be eligible to receive either a credit or attractive feed-in Tariffs direct from your utility provider for the electricity produced by your PV System. For more information contact our Sales Team using the Contact and Enquiry form in this Microsite.
  • 4. High Quality PV Photovoltaic Solar Panel Modules
    • A-SUN designs, manufactures and distributes a range of reliable and competitively priced Solar Energy Solutions including off-grid systems for homes, up to large solar power plants.
    • A-Sun has developed the most efficient PV modules specifically made for residential installations. A-Sun’s highly aesthetic black range provides a lightweight, easy to fit panel.
    • Residential Small Format Module products include;
    • 1. A-SUN Essential ASUN190-M and A-SUN Power ASUN200-M PV Modules, the most popular for residential PV systems offering high efficiency panels that maintain the aesthetic of the home. Perfect for conservation areas and architectural projects
    • 2. A-SUN Black ‘ASUN190-MB’ Monocrystaline black PV modules. These combine the superior look of building-integrated solar solutions with the energy delivery of a high efficiency module. This is an all-black module where aesthetics are a concern. Black PV modules fit perfectly in with conservation areas and high profile houses thanks to higher cell efficiency.
    • For Commercial Use:
    • 1. Small format modules
    • A-SUN Essential ASUN190-M and A-SUN Power ASUN200-M PV Modules, the most efficient unit by surface area, designed to maximise the value for roof installations.
    • 2. Medium Format Modules
    • A-SUN Essential ASUN230-P, A-SUN Black ASUN230-MB and A-SUN Power ASUN245-M PV Modules. Designed for resistance to high temperatures, these units are suitable for ground and roof applications.
    • 3. Large scale projects
    • A-SUN Ultimate ASUN290-M and A-SUN Ultimate ASUN300-M, , competitive products designed to maximise value for large field projects.
    • A-Sun also provides a wide range of Green Solutions, including inverters and mounting systems. Fill out the contact and enquiry form in this Microsite for more information
  • 5. Contact
    • To know more please log on to http://www.wholebuild.co.uk/building-product/energy-and-utility-provision
    • PO Box 430 Wadhurst TN2 9NF
    • Tel. 0845 527 47 40
    • Tel. 01892 882 540