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Superfoods ppp Superfoods ppp Presentation Transcript

  • Topics of Discussion• What Fruits and Veggies do you like?• Veggie Survey• 5 Quick Tips to Stock a Healthy Kitchen• The Healthy Eating Pyramid• The Healthy Eating Plate• U.S.D.A. Choose my Plate, Build a Healthy Meal & Liven up your meals with Veggies & Fruits• More Matters Website of Healthy Cooking with Fruits and Vegetables & Quick Recipe Searches
  • What Fruits & Veggies do you like? FRUITS: • Apple VEGETABLES: • Banana • Corn • Grape • Celery • Orange • Carrot • Kiwi • Lettuce • Cantaloupe • Cucumber • Tomato • Peas • Peach • Potato • Lemon • Squash • Pineapple • Zucchini • Blueberry • Green onion • Raspberry • Radish • Strawberry • Rutabaga • Guava • Turnip • Beet
  • Veggie SurveyWhat do you think would be the most common vegetable • Most that people like? Common/LeasWhat do you think t Common would be the least common vegetable that people like?
  • The Nutrition SourceHarvard School of Public HealthThe Nutrition Source – Dr. Walter WillettHarvard School of Public Health
  • 5 Quick Tips to Stock a Healthy Kitchen Healthy eating begins in the kitchenProduce:• Choose locally grown veggies and fruits. Keep garlic, onions, dark salad greens (spinach, romaine), carrots, & apples on hand.
  • Healthy eating begins in the kitchenGrains:• Try whole grains like barley, cracked wheat or bulgur, oat berries, quinoa, brown rice & whole wheat pasta.
  • Healthy eating begins in the kitchen• Protein: Fresh fish, chicken or turkey, tofu, eggs, beans and nuts.
  • Healthy eating begins in the kitchen• Fats & Oils: Use liquid veggie oils for sautéing vegetables, stir-frying fish or chicken, and in salad dressings, such as: canola, sunflower, corn, soybean, peanut, and olive oil. Other specialty oils include walnut or pistachio oil, sesame oil, or truffle oil.
  • Other Essentials to have in your KitchenA small amount of a high-quality ingredients go a longway toward boosting flavor.Stock your kitchen with goodquality tomato sauce,balsamic vinegar, fresh anddried herbs, dried cherries orcranberries, freshly gratedcheese, & unsalted nuts –walnuts, almonds, pistachios.
  • BUILD A HEALTHY MEAL10 Tips for healthy meals Healthy meals start with more veggies, more fruits, smaller portions of protein, & mostly whole grains.
  • Tips for Healthy Meals• Make HALF your plate veggies & fruits: red, orange, & dark green.• Add lean protein: beef, pork, chicken, turkey, beans, tofu, & seafood.• Include whole grains: 100% whole wheat has more nutrients & fiber.
  • Tips for healthy meals• Don’t forget the dairy: Fat free or low fat milk has same amount of calcium and nutrients, but less fat & calories.• Avoid extra fat: Use low-fat grated cheese or a squeeze of lemon on your veggies.
  • Tips for healthy meals• Take your time: Eating very quickly may cause you to eat too much.• Savor your food.• Eat slowly• Enjoy the taste & textures and notice how you feel.• Be mindful.
  • Build a healthy meal• Use a smaller plate: This helps you with portion control. This way you will feel satisfied without overeating.• Take control of your food: Eat at home more often so you know exactly what you are eating.
  • A healthy meal• Try new foods: Keep it interesting by picking out new foods you’ve never tried before. You may find a new favorite.• Satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way: Indulge in a naturally sweet dessert dish – fruit!
  • 10 Tips to a Great Plate1. Go to: 6. Switch to fat free/low fat milk (fewer calories/less fats). to find your calorie level to 7. Select whole grains. manage your weight. 8. Cut back on solid fat, salt, sugar:2. Enjoy your food, but eat less. (less pizza, hot dogs, sausage,3. Avoid oversized portions and cheese, cookies, cake, ice cream, use smaller plate. & candy).4. Eat more veggies, fruits, whole 9. Choose low sodium foods. grains, & fat-free or low-fat 10. Drink water (soda = sugar). milk.5. Make half your plate fruits and veggies.
  • Liven up your mealswith fruits & veggiesDiscover the many benefits ofadding fruits and veggies toyour meals. Most Americansshould eat more than 3 cupseach day.•They are low in fat andcalories•Provide fiber and other keynutrients•Add color, flavor, and texture.Explore these creative ways tobring healthy foods to yourtable…
  • Tips to improve your mealsFire up the Grill… to cook fruits and veggies.Try grilling mushrooms,carrots, peppers, potatoeson a kabob skewer.Brush with oil to keepthem from drying out.Grilled fruits like peaches,pineapple, or mangos add great flavor to a cookout.
  • Cooking with fruits and veggiesExpand the flavor of… your casseroles.Mix vegetables such assautéed onions, peas,pinto beans, or tomatoesinto your favorite dish for that extra flavor.
  • How to get in 3 or more cupsPlanning Something Italian? Add extra veggies to pasta.Slip in peppers, asparagus,spinach, red beans, onion,or cherry tomatoes.These types of foodsprovide satisfying textureand nutritious yet low-calorie, fiber that satisfies.
  • LIVEN UP YOUR MEALSGet creative withyour salad:Toss in shreddedstrawberries, carrots,spinach, orangesegments, or sweetpeas for a flavorful,fun salad.
  • Get in on the stir-frying fun!Try something new for a quick & easyaddition to any meal…
  • Liven up your omelet• Boost the color & flavor of your morning omelet with vegetables.• Chop, saute, & add veggies to the egg as it cooks.• Combine veggies, such as mushrooms, spinach, onions, or bell peppers.
  • Add veggies to your sandwiches• Vegetables make great additions to sandwiches or wraps.• Try sliced tomatoes with romaine lettuce & some avocado for extra flavor.
  • FRUITS AND VEGGIES MORE MATTERSSpring, Summer, Fall, & Winter Recipes