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Choose Respect A Good Role Model
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Choose Respect A Good Role Model


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What does it mean to be a good role model?

What does it mean to be a good role model?

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  • 1. BE A GOOD ROLE MODEL Good Role Models Are Effective Leaders: The qualities of a good role model are those that also make you an effective leader. Being a good leader or role model means you have the ability to motivate others to follow your example willingly. Serving as a good role model or leader means that what you believe, say and do are all in alignment. Good role models bring out the best in people and are sources of guidance for others. Good role models influence others in positive ways. Good Role Models Lead by Example: Mutual respect -- You acknowledge how great the other person is, Mistakes are accepted and learned from, and Boundaries are respected. Support -- You are there to celebrate when things are going well and to help when things are not going well. Trust/honesty -- You feel trust and you have reason to trust, You feel safe and comfortable, You are honest. Good communication -- You listen and feel that you are heard, You make decisions together, You can express your feelings without fear, Feelings and needs are expressed, appreciated, and respected, Conflict is faced directly and resolved with win-win outcomes, Rules and boundaries are clear and defined, yet allow for flexibility if you desire change. A Role Model’s Rights & Responsibilities: I Have The Right To be treated with respect always, To not be abused in any way, To feel safe in the relationship, To be treated as an equal, and To feel comfortable being myself. I Have The Responsibility To respect others’ feelings, To refuse to abuse someone else in any way, To be considerate, To communicate clearly and honestly, To not exert power or control in the relationship, To compromise when needed, and To admit to being wrong when appropriate. INSTRUCTIONS: • Read “Be Good Role Model” and decide which qualities mentioned could be used to motivate others, bring out the best in others, and be a positive influential force in other peoples’ lives.
  • 2. BE A GOOD ROLE MODEL Motivate Others Bring out their Best Positive Influence