Motorcycle safety tips


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It is possible for drivers of all vehicles to share the road. It takes attention, practice and consideration for others on the road. As a motorcyclist, you can do your part by following the rules of the road and these simple motorcycle safety tips.

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Motorcycle safety tips

  1. 1. Motorcycles are a growing trend across North America.Motorcycle drivers become part of a community of bikeenthusiasts who aim to make biking safer, morerespected and more recognized.It is possible for drivers of More education is requiredall vehicles to share the for vehicle drivers who areroad. It takes attention, not familiar with roadpractice and etiquette when drivingconsideration for others alongside a motorcycle.on the road.As a motorcyclist, you can do your part by following therules of the road and these simple motorcycle safetytips.
  2. 2. Follow the rules of the road- just because you CAN fit in the gapsbetween cars, don’t; unless you’re avoiding a collision. Be careful when passing vehicles- they may be turning left and don’t always signal. Be visible- avoid drivers’ blind spots and use your headlights day and night. Protect yourself- always wear your helmet and protective clothing.Follow posted speed limits.
  3. 3. Other vehicles are likely to misjudge your distance and speed.Try to predict their actions by watching signals and headmovements in their mirrors and make eye contact- never assumedrivers see you. Keep your distance from other vehicles. Leave plenty of space behind you and check your mirrors before making a left turn on a highway. Be aware of road conditions. Rain, snow, black ice or even oil leaks can cause unpredictable or even dangerous driving conditions. Use a helmet with a visor or a motorcycle with a windshield to keep wind, rain and bugs out of your face for clear vision.You already look cool- so don’t show off. Speed, curves androad conditions- all of these have led to serious accidents.Be smart and be safe on the road.
  4. 4. You can’t always predict what other drivers willdo on the road. The best way to keep yourselfsafe is to follow the rules of the road, makeyourself visible and be aware of yoursurroundings when riding your motorcycle. Youcan’t control the traffic around you, but beingsmart on the road will help keep you safe.