Modern day weight loss


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Modern day weight loss

  1. 1. Modern Day Weight Loss:How Technology and the Internet Have Changed the Game
  2. 2. Weight Loss Apps If you’re looking to lose weight, look no further than your mobile phone! In the 21st Century we have everything at our fingertips, including weight loss solutions. There are plenty of mobile phone applications out there that offer users the tools and advice needed to help them (and motivate them) to lose weight. Here’s a list of a few:Noom Weight Loss (Android): This popular app helps you set goals, keep track of yourfood intake and record how much you exercise.Eat This, Not That (iPhone): The title pretty much says it all. Thinking about eatingthat jam-filled donut? This app will convince you to eat something much better andmuch healthier instead.DailyBurn (iPhone): This comprehensive app allows you to track your calorie intake,organise a training plan and set weight loss goals. It also provides a range of greatfitness-related content for you to read and get motivated.
  3. 3. Exercise Gear/GadgetsThis generation of exercise equipment makes it easier than ever to work out efficiently andeffectively. Here are just some of the terrific products that have emerged in recent years: The iPod Nano/Nike+ Sensor – This nifty tool from Nike clips onto your shoe as you run. It allows for your iPod Nano to track your mileage and, if you want, allows a voice on your Nano to pipe-up with messages of encouragement. Vibram’s FiveFinger Shoes – For those of you that like to be one with nature when running, these amazing shoes are the next best thing to barefoot. Elliptigo – The Elliptigo functions just like an elliptical trainer at the gym, except it actually moves like a bike! It’s ideal for those who like the leg/cardio workout provided by the elliptical, but prefer exercising outdoors.Image via Sarah K via Pinterest, Image via Ashok Virath via Pinterest, Image via Molly Welch via Pinterest
  4. 4. The Internet: Online Tools for Weight LossThe Internet is a great tool for weight loss,particularly as it brings out the social side ofgetting fit.In addition to online forums and messageboards, you can also access high quality workoutvideos with nothing more than your homebroadband.A recent post in the Plusnet community blog discussed this, saying:“Just surf YouTube for exercise videos, Pilates clips and Yoga tutorials. You don’t needspecialist equipment – you can use a towel instead of a yoga mat or tins of soup or fruit inplace of dumbbells. As well as helping you to slim down, getting fit with YouTube videoscould help you get your finances in better shape too by cutting back on pricey gymmemberships and workout DVDs either.”
  5. 5. The rest is up to you!