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  1. 1. How To… Image by Eric Schuttenmaer Change the Oil
  2. 2. Changing the oil, like brake fluid, windshield and battery maintenance, is an essential Why part of keeping your car running at its very best.Change Over time, old oil breaks downthe Oil? and the oil filter can become clogged with nasty bits and bobs. As a result, it’s important to change the oil and filter regularly.
  3. 3. How often Check your car manual for a definite answer. should I Depending on your car model, driving habits and other change variables, you should be the oil? looking to change your oil every 3 – 24 months.
  4. 4. Get all the equipment to do the job - a new filter, new oil and all the tools you need (e.g. a spanner and / or a wrench). Lay down some cardboard orPrepare some newspaper onto the floor where you think oil may drip. If you want to keep your hands clean, consider wearing a pair of latex gloves. To be extra safe, ensure the engine has cooled down fully.
  5. 5. Open the hood and open the oil filler cap to increase air flow around the oil system Find the drain plug on the Remove bottom of the oil pan, towards the back of the engine (checkthe drain your car’s manual for the exact location). plug Loosen the plug anti-clockwise with a wrench. Replace the felt or paper drain plug gasket. If you have a metal one, it can be re-used if it looks sound enough.
  6. 6. Remove the oil filter. They are not in the same position for every car, so can be hard to find. Check your car’s manual if you get stuck.Remove Remove it carefully, bearing in mind that there will be oilthe filter it. Make sure the rubber gasket comes off with the filter. If it sticks to the car, it will affect the fit of the new filter and potentially cause a leak.
  7. 7. Remove all packaging off the new filter, dip your finger in some new oil and work itReplace around the rubber gasket ring.the filter Screw the drain plug back on the oil pan. It should be snug, but not too tight. Finally, pop on your new lubricated filter.
  8. 8. Add new oil to the car at the fill hole under the hood. Check your car’s manual to see how much it needs.Replace You can use the dipstick as a measure, but remember it the oil will be more accurate when the engine is cool. Once the oil is filled to a suitable level, replace the cap and close the hood.
  9. 9. Clear up all of your tools, newspaper and cardboard. Check that everything is okay by turning on your car’s engine – the oil pressure lightFinish Up should go off. Finally, check for any leaks. With the engine still running, put the car in neutral, apply the handbrake then have a peek under the car for drips.