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Heart rhythm week 2012 and healthy heart tips
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Heart rhythm week 2012 and healthy heart tips


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Hello, …


We hope that you enjoy our package on Heart Rhythm Week and keeping your heart healthy and that you find some useful tips to add to your healthy living lifestyle.

Please remember that these are just tips and this has not been put together by a member of the charity mentioned or health professional but a web user and should be taken as such.

Enjoy and keep fit!

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  • 1. 21st-27th May 2012
  • 2. Contents• Introduction• What is Heart Rhythm Week?• 3 ways to keep your heart healthy• How to check your pulse• Source list
  • 3. IntroductionHello,We hope that you enjoy our package onHeart Rhythm Week and keeping yourheart healthy and that you find someuseful tips to add to your healthy livinglifestyle.Please remember that these are just tipsand this has not been put together by amember of the charity mentioned orhealth professional but a web user andshould be taken as such.Enjoy and keep fit!
  • 4. What is Heart Rhythm Week? “Heart Rhythm Week gives anyone the opportunity to raise awareness and promote better understanding of heart rhythm disorders. For Heart Rhythm Week 2012, Arrhythmia Alliance and its members will be promoting the importance of patient empowerment.” – Heart Rhythm The Heart Rhythm Charity aims to: raise awareness over various heart rhythm conditions; increase education on people determining the signs of disorders themselves and “empower patients to take their heart health into their own hands”. You can order a Heart Rhythm Week pack for free to get involved and there are lots of events to take part in. The charity is organising educational and awareness events in hospitals, schools and other public areas in cities such as Bristol, Scarborough and London and is taking to the streets to increase knowledge on taking one’s pulse. You can find this great organisation on Facebook and Twitter.
  • 5. 3 ways to keep your hearthealthy… 1. Cut down on red meat! Limit yourself to having red meat twice a week and balance your meals by alternating red meat meals with fish, vegetarian and lean white meats. 2. Maintain a healthy weight! Make sure that you do not overeat and fall within a healthy BMI as excess weight can put strain on your heart. If you are overweight consider eating more raw vegetables as they will keep you fuller for longer. 3. Exercise! Make sure that you get plenty of exercise to not only keep the weight off but to keep your heart healthy by working it out regularly with cardio exercise. Make sure you consult with your doctor and that you consider a health insurance plan before embarking on a new health and fitness routine.
  • 6. How to check your pulseChecking your pulse is a great way of making sure thatyour heart is performing in a healthy way.The British Heart Foundation recommends that youcheck your pulse in the following way:1. Put one of your hands out so you’re looking at your palm.2. Use the index/first finger and middle finger of your other hand and place the pads of these fingers on the inside of your wrist. You should place them at the base of your thumb near where the strap of a watch would sit.3. Press lightly and feel the pulse. If you can’t feel anything press slightly harder or move your fingers around until you feel your pulse.4. Once you’ve found your pulse, continue to feel it for about 20-30 seconds. Feel the rhythm of the pulse and check if it’s regular or irregular.If you think that your pulse is irregular then why notconsult with your GP?
  • 7. Source List1. Content:Please click through to quoted sources by clickingtheir reference within text as they are hyperlinked tothe original content found on the web.2. Design:The design is created as an originalImages found in the design of this presentation aretaken from Clip Art in Microsoft Power Point.