Child Prodigy Parenting Guide


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So your trying to raise your child prodigy, but where best to focus their talents and your money to get the best out of you both

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Child Prodigy Parenting Guide

  1. 1. Child Prodigy Parenting Guide
  2. 2. So you’ve given birth to a genius. That’s great, but how are you going to maximise their potential?
  3. 3. Firstly you’ll need to identify theirnatural latent talent, be it sporting,musical or pure intellectual aptitude and push, push them hard.
  4. 4. The Tennis ProdigyThe top tennis players like Quick FactsFederer and Nadal earn millionsof pounds every year, but players Success Chance: Lowranked outside of the top 100 Yearly earnings: £22 millionstruggle considerably to make a Investment: £250,000living. Meaning your investment is Age to start: 4 to 5 yearsfar from certain to pay off. It’salso a tough life for a successfulUK tennis star. If you’d ratheryour child wasn’t hounded by thepress it’s best to avoid this sport.Where to send them:IMG Bollettieri Tennis Academy
  5. 5. The Football ProdigyEveryone wants their son to be a Quick Factsworld famous footballer. DavidBeckham pulls in about £24 Success Chance: Mediummillion a year from football. The Earnings: £24 millionaverage salary is around Investment: minimal£600,000. There are around Age to start: 4 to 5 years4500 professional players in theUK so it’s a better bet thanTennis for your exceptionaloffspring, but the competition isfierce. On the plus sideinvestment is minimal.Get them flights to Dubai for the:Play the Arsenal way soccer school
  6. 6. The Musical ProdigyU2 earned a record breaking Quick Facts$195 million last year. Theaverage concert pianist may earn Success Chance: Mediuma little over $100,000. The Earnings: variesaverage wedding singer can make Investment: varies$15,000 a year. As you can see Age to start: 4 to 5 yearsthe range of earnings is broad, asis the amount of investment you’llneed to put in. Training a prodigyPianist is an expensive pursuit, asis funding the life of a wannaberock-star.Where to send them:The BRIT School
  7. 7. The Intellectual ProdigySo your kid has brains. Well Quick Factsthere really isn’t a hell of a lot ofmoney in knowing about stuff Success Chance: Highother people don’t. A professor Earnings: £150,000at Harvard might earn £150,000 Investment: £10,000a year, winning a Nobel prize Age to start: The wombcould bag you £1,000,000, but atthe end of the day a bright childis likely to do well in life. Thecost of putting a child throughUniversity is not cheap, but thereturn should be reasonablycertain if you can keep them awayfrom the pub!Where to send them:University of Cambridge
  8. 8. Good Luck