Treatment for Anxiety


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Looking for the ideal treatment for anxiety? You are not alone. There are thousands of anxiety sufferers all over the world, especially in second and first world countries where the cost of living is higher and there is more pressure to perform well at work.

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Treatment for Anxiety

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  There are thousands of anxiety sufferers all over the world Especially in second and first world countries where the cost of living is higher, which higher brings additional pressures to “perform”
  3. 3.  There is more pressure to perform well at work Anxiety a problem among people under pressure to perform well ◦ Because the fear of failing is constant and real ◦ The society’s expectations are y p too high ◦ Many people fall short of reaching the level required to b called h l l i d be ll d an ideal citizen
  4. 4.  Many sources tell different things about the best treatment ◦ There is no ideal treatment ◦ Just the best treatment for your specific needs The kind of treatment that may cure your anxiety depends on you ◦ You can’t go for a treatment just because it worked for another person p ◦ Other person may have different situation
  5. 5.  Lifestyle changes Relaxation strategies Find true sources of comfort
  6. 6.  Pinpoint which part of your routine is making you panic ◦ If can not, change up a little and observe how your not body reacts ◦ Sometimes there are places we g to that remind us p go of painful experiences If not sure what is triggering your anxiety ◦ Study how your psyche responds to what you do every single day
  7. 7.  Deep and periodic breathing while awake Combined with meditation methods Easing your mind and your b d E i i d d body Can be the key to coping with anxiety
  8. 8.  Get a periodic massage in a quiet place with soft music The muscle relaxing effects of massage is only a part of what makes a person really comfortable
  9. 9.  For many people struggling with anxiety ◦ Comfort sources are extremely rare They tend to go for the things that give them pleasure ◦ Shopping ◦ Binge eating ◦ Drinking alcohol g These things are not true sources of comfort
  10. 10.  There s There’s a guilty feeling that lingers inside your mind right after you try them ◦ You feel like you’ve burdened y y yourself with more debt than you can handle ◦ Which in turn causes anxiety Your mind tells you that you’ve overindulged and it’s not a good thing for your health it s The emotional consequences of false comfort sources could do more harm than good
  11. 11. HowToCalmAnxiety