Anxiety and Depression


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Anxiety and depression are two separate entities but they can occur simultaneously. The common notion is that anxiety becomes uncontrollable and this state of mind is rife for the seeds of a more debilitating disorder, depression.

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Anxiety and Depression

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  Are two separate entities Can occur simultaneously Common notion: C i ◦ Anxiety becomes uncontrollable ◦ Th seeds of a more d bilit ti The d f debilitating di disorder - d depression
  3. 3.  The ideal way to deal with depression is prevention Get help before the anxiety disorder becomes too hard to handle You need help when you start showing physical symptoms
  4. 4.  The nature of anxiety disorders is variable Depends on which aspect of life is most affected: ◦ Feel sick at the thought of being around people, people you may be suffering from social anxiety ◦ Your job is making you feel inferior, you may be suffering from work performance anxiety ◦ Sometimes, the anxiety is general, cannot pinpoint the stimuli
  5. 5.  Not all anxiety-ridden individuals show panic attacks chronically All people that show panic attacks have some sort of anxiety disorder Panic tt k P i attacks come at any ti t time without you ith t knowing where the stimulus is coming from
  6. 6.  Why you’re panicking is a mystery to you you re You tend to stay closed and quiet about the incident Even when your friends ask you what’s wrong
  7. 7.  The main risk factor for depressive disorders: ◦ Anxiety attacks ◦ Panic attacks Can’t explain why you suddenly show symptoms of panic ◦ You tend to avoid being with others ◦ They won’t see you at your worst won t
  8. 8.  When a parent is suffering from anxiety attacks The spouse and the children need to cope with it Difficult to Diffi lt t explain, you d ’t even k l i don’t know what h t it is
  9. 9.  The fear is real It’s taking control of your senses You feel numb tingly and fearful that numb, something bad will definitely happen soon You cannot d anything about it Y t do thi b t
  10. 10.  Anxiety disorders become problem when they start interfering with ◦ Normal family life ◦ Relationship with friends They try their best to understand you You feel increasingly guilty about not being able to explain
  11. 11.  Sets in when the person accepts the reaction from others for the rest of his/her life Some people never let this happen ◦ They seek help before the anxiety gets worse ◦ Depression will never rear its ugly head
  12. 12. HowToCalmAnxiety