Factory Farming
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Factory Farming






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  • Humans screw up everything... We think we are the only beings that feel pain or fear. We care about NOTHING but ourselves. It's disgusting.
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  • Image - From steps presentation
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  • Image - created Summary of Feed Drug Clearances Medicating Ingredients Permitted in Canadian Feeds Nutritional/medicinal Uses Growth- arsanilic acid,bacitracin, chlortetracycline hydrochloride, salinomycin sodium, tylosin phosphate, 3-nitro-4-hydroxyphenylarsonic acid, narasin, ractopamine hydrochloride, virginiamycin milkproduction -thyroactive iodinated casein disease-bacitracin methylene disalicylate, sulfamethazine, procaine penicillin, oxytetracycline hydrochloride, zinc bacitracin, lincomycin, spectinomycin, tiamulin, virginiamycin, dichlorvos, fenbendazole, hygromycin B, ivermectin, levemisole, morantel tartrate, piperazine, pyprantel tartrate, tylosin phosphate, tilmicosin
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  • Image - Created Note- I like the concept, it needs to be fine tuned, simplified
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  • Image- created Note- fine tune add more/better examples(use updated list)
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Factory Farming Factory Farming Presentation Transcript

  • The Factory Farm
  • Factory Farms are Large Industrialized Farms
  • Owned by Corporations Built to Maximize Profit
  • Forcing Thousands of Animals into Confined Spaces
  • Often Physically Mutilating and Genetically Modifying Them.
  • Factory Farms are a Canadian Problem
  • The Vast Majority of Meat Canadians Eat is Factory Farmed
  • The Number of Factory Farms in Canada has Increased. There are More Animals and Fewer Farms than Ever.
  • There are No Canadian Laws that Prevent Cruelty Against Farm Animals
  • But What About Storybook Farms ?* * Fictional Rendering Courtesy of Natrel Dairy
  • If Old MacDonald Had a Farm Today… It Wouldn’t Look Like This
  • With over 650 Million Animals Slaughtered Every Year in Canada Just for Food, The “Happy Farm” is Just a Story Told by Advertisers in Order to Sell Meat to Consumers.
  • The Myth The Reality
  • huge The Average Canadian farm is
  • Average Number of Laying Hens Per Flock – 18,368
  • Average Number of Pigs Per Farm – 1,070
  • Larger Farms Can Have Flocks with More than 15,000 Turkeys
  • Since 1940, the Number of Canadian Cattle per Farm Increased by 600 %
  • At Such Large Numbers Humane Treatment is Impossible
  • Physically Mutilating* Animals is Cruel * Commonly Done Without Pain Killers
  • Cattle are Castrated and Branded
  • Chickens are Debeaked
  • Pigs are Castrated, have Their Teeth Clipped , and T ails Cut Off
  • Animals are Mutilated so They can Live in Unnatural, Unhealthy Confined Spaces
  • Confining* Animals for their Entire Lives is Cruel * In a B arren, Cramped, Unnatural Space
  • Chickens are F orced into Cages With as Little Room as 70 2 Inches Each
  • 1 Egg = 1 Chicken Confined for 29.2 Hours Math- 365days/(300eggs/year)*(24hours/day)
  • Veal Calves are Isolated and Chained
  • Pigs, Like Other Farm Animals, are Kept in Unnatural, Socially Unhealthy Environments
  • For Some Animals, the Only Time They Get to See Outside is on Their Way to Slaughter
  • Transporting* Animals Alive is Cruel * Over Long Distances Without Food or Water
  • Animals are Transported in Crowded, Unsafe Spaces
  • -Agriculture Canada Chickens can Legally be Transported for 48 hours Without Food or Water
  • Cows can Legally be Transported for 56 hours Without Food or Water
  • 8 Million Pigs are Exported Alive Every Year in Trucks Like This
  • Like all Trucks, Some Crash
  • If the Animals Make it Through Transportation, They Meet Their End in the Slaughterhouse
  • The Mass Mechanized Slaughter of Animals is Cruel
  • Built for Speed, Slaughterhouses in Canada Kill 25,000 Broiler Chickens per Hour -Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Animals are Often Conscious During the Slaughter Process
  • Some Animals are Still Alive as They Continue Down the Line to be Processed
  • Some Animals Don’t Make it to Slaughter
  • Animals are Kept Unhealthy, Drugged, Diseased, and Dying
  • Farm Animals are Given an Arsenal of Drugs to Increase Growth and Keep Them Healthy Enough to Make it to Slaughter
  • Drugs Cleared for use in Pig Feed -Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • Chickens Burned by a Toxic Air Filled with Ammonia from Excrement
  • Diseases in Cattle Raised for Food -Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • Raised and Handled With Such Cruelty, Disease and Injury are Inevitable within Factory Farming
  • 85,649 Canadian Pigs Were Condemned (Unfit for Consumption), in 2006
  • There are 33 Million Canadians
  • There are more than 650 million Canadian Animals Slaughtered Every Year, Just For Food
  • 3.45 million Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 2007
  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 2007 22 million
  • 21 million Annual Poultry Slaughter Report; Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 2007
  • 621 million Annual Poultry Slaughter Report; Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 2007
  • Not All the Animals Make it to Your Plate
  • Some Die Due to Physical Mutilation
  • Some Die in Inhumane Housing
  • Some Die During Transportation
  • Some Die from Disease and Injury
  • Some Die Because They are of No Use to the Industry -This is a Dumpster Full of Dead Male Chicks at an Egg Hatchery
  • The Animals That Die Before Your Plate
  • Factory Farms also Destroy the Environment The Pig Farm The Pig Poop
  • Everybody * Poops * Including pigs, cows, chickens and all other animals raised for food in Canada
  • 80% of Water Pollution in Quebec Comes From Intensive Hog Operations The Liquefied Pig Poop
  • = 2000kg manure/year 1
  • Stop This Shit Before it Hits The Fan Stop Factory Farms .
  • Factory Farms also Hurt Human Health
  • There are 1461 Known Human Infectious Diseases
  • 60% of the infectious diseases affecting humans come from animals -Centre for Disease Control and Prevention
  • The number rises to 75% for new diseases that came from animals in the last thirty years
  • The Animals and the Diseases - Diseases spawned from factory farming can spread to and hurt animals outside of the farm
  • We Can Stop Factory Farming. We Need to Stop Factory Farming.
  • Ways to Get Active
  • Get Healthy, End Cruelty, Save the Planet