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Tt news spring12 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Tom’s Trust Newsletter 2012Dear Friends & Supporters, YOUR IMPACT As we hope you will seeTom’s family, friends and work colleagues are determined to make sure that from this newsletter, thethe legacy of his murder in a dark London street in January 2006 is a positive work already done inone. The aim is to help some of the most deprived young people in London. Tom’s memory, enabled by your donations, has had aThe mindless violence which occurred in last year’s riots was a wake-up call. huge impact.Tom’s Trust aims to prevent young people expressing their anger and But never has the need forfrustration so destructively, by providing them with expert educational quality youth care,assistance as well as positive opportunities for their development in various education and supportfields, e.g. sport, media, music, photography, fashion, cookery and other been so acute, nor theoccupations.!! funding so precarious. Your continued support isTom’s Trust continues to support a wide range of projects that help give young hugely appreciated.people educational and vocational opportunities which would otherwise bedenied them. Our proposed funding this year is for at least 14 different !"#$%#&(%()&*+%),((-,./012 )01$3456%&04&%#-7&/5#8+#%&projects covering every aspect of our work. We would like to do more, but the 3$6$9"#&)0&:;01<%&;4+%)=&)0&dramatic drop in earned interest means that we very much depend on >-74#?&@+,5#%A&;01<%&;4+%)A&individual donations. We have some fund-raising activities planned for this /20&B(-C"$)#4%A&D-#&E("C&E)4##)A&year, but if anyone would like to organise an event or raise sponsorship to B0-70-&FGHI&J@K.&&;5$-C&60+support the Trust please contact us via our website, Registered Charity Number 1112771
  • 2. Tales from the Trust…The latest addition to the growing family of brilliant London youth organisations that benefit fromfunding, support and knowledge from Tom’s Trust is Waterloo-based youth forum, SE1 United.Set up in 2003, SE1 United helps over 1,000 10 - 21 year-oldsdesign their own educational rehabilitation programs, events,cultural experiences, life-changing trips, work experience andmentoring from their drop-in centre in the basement of theRoyal Festival Hall. Your donations are helping SE1 give moreyoung people the chance to achieve their full potential. Emmanuel’s Testimony ‘I discovered SE1 UNITED in 2010 whilst I was at a downfall in my life. I was involved in so many incidents due to where I lived. I had been stabbed and chased by gangs. A good friend of mine I met from years ago advised me so many times, but it is only after I had been stabbed that I realised this was not a way to live. Since I met SE1 UNITED, they provided me with so many opportunities involved with jobs, and independence. I now earn legit money and I am back on track with college thanks to SE1 UNITED”. Registered Charity Number 1112771
  • 3. Sheiva Shines!Tom’s Trust continues to provide bursaries for talented children throughDeptford’s excellent Midi Music Company. Sheiva Palizban joined the11-15 Budding Musician’s Club band workshop eighteen months ago,and thanks to Tom’s Trust now studies electric guitar at The BlackheathConservatoire. An enthusiastic and talented musician, she still attendsBMC drum classes with her teacher Daniel Howard.“I’m really honoured to have these lessons. It’s a fantastic opportunity.My guitar tutor Ben is really helpful, and drums with Daniel is a blast! Ialso compose my own music on the piano at home; sometimes loud,sometimes quiet, it depends what mood I’m in!” University Challenges! Despite the cuts, IntoUniversity’s Brent centre, near where Tom used to live, is helping young people keep their academic aspirations alive. “These are challenging times in higher education. Students applying this year are the first affected by the rise in tuition fees, but we’ve been busily working with our partner primary and secondary schools, as well as our in-centre mentoring and academic support programmes, to encourage and help lots of young people from less advantaged backgrounds to go to university and study the subjects they are passionate about. As well as our usual university visits we’ve also taken students to BBC Television Centre, Foundling Museum, Barbican, Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament and rock climbing (left). Thanks Tom’s Trust and its supporters for helping to make this happen.” Registered Charity Number 1112771
  • 4. A Night To Remember Take a BowTo mark the Trust’s5th year a Gala Concert A celebratorywas held at the Purcell Room in the South concert by youngBank Centre. The wonderful celebration of Suzuki stringmusic, kindly organised by Hannah Taylor, players fromreflected Tom’s life-long interest and Belgium and Surreyparticipation in classical music. The superb was held at thesoprano Simona Mihai was expertly Yehudi Menuhinaccompanied by Susanna Stranders, while the School on 14thHepplewhite Trio (graduates of the April, the proceedsBirmingham Conservatoire) brilliantly played a The Hepplewhite Trio of which are veryvariety of classical piano trios. We were generously beingdelighted that so many of Tom’s friends and given to the Tomscolleagues were able to come, making it a very Trust.special evening of remembrance. Doing it for Tom, Doing it for the Kids.! Huge congratulations to Tom’s good friend Sophie McGeoch who completed the London Marathon in an impressive 4 and a half hours, raising a tremendous £3,000 for Tom’s Trust and another £2,000 for Arthritis Care. Sophie, an Assistant Head Teacher, got her whole school joining in her fundraising efforts, so moved were they by Sophie’s telling of the tragic loss of Tom and the work of the Trust. So thanks to Sophie and everyone at Granard Primary School and everyone who sponsored her. INSPIRED TO TAKE ON A SPORTING CHALLENGE OF YOUR OWN? GET IN TOUCH AND WE’LL DO ALL WE CAN TO SUPPORT YOU. Registered Charity Number 1112771
  • 5. Downing Street ReceptionWe are most grateful to Samantha Cameron forhosting a Reception at No.10 in support of Tom’sTrust. On a lovely June evening last year, many ofthe Trust’s fundraisers and supporters, as well asrepresentatives of the many charities supported bythe Trust gathered to meet in the garden of No.10to enjoy the special ambience of this famousvenue. It was a privilege to be there.Mrs Cameron graciously gave a brief descriptionof the Trust’s work, which was followed byinspiring speeches from Dr Jonty Clark andRodney Adadevoh, a young man whose life hasbeen turned around with help from Livity, via hiswork on Live Magazine. L-R: Tom’s Trust supporters Mr & Mrs Lionel Moon, Hannah Taylor, Mr & Mrs John Jackson with Samantha Cameron.It was a truly uplifting, moving and inspiring event. A wheely good example of what Cannes be done to help!! Once again, the Cycle2Cannes riders raised a huge amount of money for the 5 charities they support. Some 80 cyclists started from London on 1st March to cycle the 1500km to Cannes in 6 days, arriving in time for the annual MIPIM property industry convention. The weather was kind this year, with a generally following wind, which was some solace to those with aching legs and weary limbs at the end of each day! Tom’s Trust is extremely grateful for being included in a share of the proceeds from this amazing event. Registered Charity Number 1112771
  • 6. Boxing helps Erkan Good Sports!beat his demons "#$%&!"(&)%&!*++(*,!-.*/)0! 1/-+/-!*)!2,*3$#+)!4*+!2#()!Tom’s Trust network member The Boxing Academy pledges 5-.##,!/+!5(30!6*&!*!73*)!never to exclude the excluded… &(--3&&!)./&!03*8!93&1/)3!*/+!A short while ago Erkan’s future was looking bleak. He got excluded :#-/+7!(&!/+9##&;!!for taking a knife into school and was staying out all night leaving his ".3!51#)&!<*,,!1#=39!)#!>3!*!parents worried sick. 73*)!1,*-3!:#!-./,93+%&!“I took a Swiss Army knife into 7*$3&!*+9!)3*&(3!.(+)8!school because I didn’t feel 6./,&)!).3!?<#$3!@#9(-3%!safe,” says Erkan who was &)*,,!1#=39!*&!1#1(,*!*&!constantly getting into trouble. 3=3A!!B=30#+3!).33!3+C#039!Erkan was also causing $33D+7!).3/!:/3+9&!*+9!problems at home. “Some 3,*D=3&!6./,3!).3!&/,3+)!nights I didn’t go home. I’d be *(-D#+!*,&#!*/&39!*!out all night drinking in local &/7+/E-*+)!&($A!!parks, or round friends’ houses. LM&60+<7&"(C#&5#"3&04,$-(%(-,&$&My parents were really worried. %(1("$4&##-)&M04&;01<%&;4+%)&I used to think being bad was 3"#$%#&,#)&(-&)0+/5N&&cool. I got carried away with itand couldn’t stop.”The disciplined regime and family atmosphere at the Academy has worked.“Since I first came here in May 2010, I have not been in trouble. Mypunctuality is 98% and my attendance is 100%. The teachers here makelessons fun and you learn something. They talk to us like a friend.”There are just six pupils per class, taught by one teacher and a boxingmentor. “You get a lot of help if you get stuck,” says Erkan. “I feel a lot betternow I’m here. My life has really changed.” Registered Charity Number 1112771
  • 7. Animal Magic Hope Springs!Tom’s Trust supports Toynbee Hall’s Aspireprogramme helping very vulnerable young One of the Hope UK voluntary drug educators whopeople re-engage with education. A recent was trained with funding from the Tom ap Rhys Prycehighlight was a 4-night visit to Jamie’s Farm in Memorial Trust is the Manager of a drug rehabilitationWiltshire, which exisits to transform the lives of centre in Newham. She and other Hope UK volunteerschildren in challenging urban schools by have taken several sessions with the residents,providing a unique combination of farming, family exploring the effects of drug use on the users’ livesand therapy. and proposing alternative options.The 44 children from Toynbee Hall who took part, A Congolese educator delivered an alcohol awarenessmany of whom had never been away from home session in French in the heart of his community: abefore, certainly had an amazing, transformative barber’s shop. These sessions have a positive effectexperience. Activities such as preparing and on reducing drug and alcohol abuse in the localcooking the meals, art work and especially community.learning how to look after the various farmanimals have been shown to have a hugelybeneficial effect for children who have notpreviously had this opportunity. Registered Charity Number 1112771
  • 8. A recipe for saving livesSwitchback, one of Tom’s Trust’s longest running partnerships,helps ex-offenders start new lives in the catering industry. Here isPD’s story:“When PD first met Switchback he knew he wanted to change his life. Hewas making too many people that mattered to him unhappy and he fearedhe’d “end up dead if not back inside”.Although he chose to train unpaid at the Crisis Skylight Café, makingquick money was still a temptation. But he decided to fully commit toSwitchback and the opportunities that came with it. He got on very wellwith the café team, his timekeeping improved and gradually hisconversations with his mentor focussed on making big changes andmanaging the consequences.After two months, he got himself three job interviews and was offered twoof them. He took the role of Food and Beverage Assistant at a hotel asthere were more career possibilities. He now works five shifts a week,often starting at 6.30am and has never been late! He still comes to visitSwitchback regularly and the conversations are now about budgeting andholiday plans.” New Patron: Prof Sir Christopher Edwards, FRSE! We are delighted that Professor Sir Christopher Edwards MD, FRCP, FRCPEd, FRSE, FMedSci, HonDSc, has agreed to be a Patron of the Trust. Sir Christopher has had a distinguished career in both the medical and academic worlds. Formerly a Professor of Medicine at Edinburgh University and later 6 years as Vice-Chancellor of Newcastle University, he has also been a Governor of the Wellcome Trust. He is currently Chairman of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and a Governor of Westminster School. His expertise in many fields will be a great asset to the Trust. Registered Charity Number 1112771
  • 9. Amy lands on her feet at LivityYouth engagement social enterpriseLivity’s Landing Pad is an intensive 6-month program run in tandem with itsjournalism training scheme LiveMagazine. It’s specifically designed tosupport young people who are indifficult circumstances, to turn theirlives around. This is Amy’s story:Amy joined the Landing Pad project inAugust 2011 aged 16. She was on areferral order for robbery after breaching aprevious referral order. At that time she hadnot been in education for several months.She had been put in care in 2009 and hadmoved placements several times, so had avery unstable life. Since joining the project,she has shown great commitment,contributing to the magazine and also beinga huge part of our street promotion team. A FORUM FOR LIVELY DEBATE!Through Live’s mentoring partnership with Livity also played host to the most recent Tom’s Trust Networkthe Guardian, she has established a Forum in their lively Brixton offices. The Forum is a chance for all those involved with funded projects, past and present, to learn fromregular work experience and mentoring each other and from guest speakers. The March event included arelationship with Guardian fashion editor very insightful talk from Tom’s fiance Adele Eastman, now a seniorPriscilla Kwateng and in November last policy advisor at the Centre for Social Justice, about the effects ofyear she had a an article published in the exclusion in schools, plus presentations about liberating space byGuardian about young jobseekers. Louisa from somewhereto_ and social impact measurement by Leonie from Deloitte. Registered Charity Number 1112771
  • 10. More Tom’s Trust Beneficiaries Words of Thanks…The Buttle Trust provides funding for children with acute social The Trustees are hugely grateful to all who haveemotional and/or health needs to receive secondary education. raised funds or made donations and consistentlyTom’s Trust provides bursaries for six children to attend supported the Trust. We really give you our heartfeltindependent or state boarding schools. thanks, and please, if you can help make this a special year in memory of Tom, that would beGreenhouse Charity runs sports and performing arts wonderful.programmes in deprived communities of London. Tom’s Trust If you have your own ideas for fundraising, pleasehelps fund the Bethwin Football Club in Peckham. contact us at Wed be delighted to post your plans on the website and toThe O.K.Club in Kilburn is a place where young people can encourage sponsorship.gather, play games and learn new skills, including IT, art, cookingand music production. It provides a vital service in this sociallydeprived area. YOU ARE INVITED Fundraising ConcertThe Southside Young Leaders Academy provides a WEYBRIDGE MALE VOICE CHOIRdisciplined environment for boys who have the potential to lead SATURDAY OCTOBER 20but are at the risk of exclusion. They meet on Saturday mornings UNITED REFORMED CHURCHto learn leadership and life skills, as well as playing games and Andrew Hughes QUEENS ROAD, WEYBRIDGE!going on organised trips. Alan Walls For more info see Michael Firth tomstrust.comReal Action is a community-led charity set up to provide Callum McGeocheffective solutions to literacy problems in the disadvantaged area Estella ap Rhys Pryceof North Paddington. Tom’s Trust provides funding for the highly John ap Rhys Prycesuccessful Butterfly Saturday Reading Club, which helpschildren overcome literacy and language issues that would Together, the Trustees of the Tom ap Rhys Pryceotherwise prevent them from realising their potential. Memorial Trust.Tom’s Trust also supplies funding for bursaries at MarlboroughCollege and Trinity College, Cambridge, to reflect theeducation from which Tom himself benefited. Registered Charity Number 1112771