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  1. 1. Task 1Understand thestructure andownership of themedia sector. P1,M1, D1EXPLAINING THESTRUCTURE ANDOWNERSHIP OF THEMEDIA SECTOR
  2. 2. Define the following and given an example of a companythat does this eg Apple for vertical integration:(This is part 1 of your “ownership of the media sector”power point. Add these two power points together thenadd it to your blog - after completing this try and addmore of these technical terms and definition to your casestudy - this will gain you merits and distinctions)Also you should realistically be doing a full page ofwriting AND DON’T CUT AND PASTE OFF WIKIPEDIADELETE THIS BIT WHEN YOUR DONE
  3. 3. Private ownership is where someone owns something individually andnobody else is involved. For example, if you owned a TV channel privatelythen you could make all the decisions and everything would have to gothrough you however, if the audience of the TV Channel didn’t enjoy thethings you decided you were going to air the channel would fail, this is adisadvantage.TYPES OF OWNERSHIP: PRIVATE OWNERSHIP
  4. 4. Its owned by share holders and trades on the stock market. If you want youcan buy and sell shares. This should be viable to anyone regardless of theirincome.The BBC is an example of public service. It has a variety of rules andguidelines in which need to be followed. For example only certain things canbe played at certain times.Disadvantages of Public Service is that their aim is to maximize their profitnot customer satisfaction. However, a advantage of it is that they allowcompetition which can be good for ideas and getting them higher up.TYPES OF OWNERSHIP: PUBLIC SERVICE
  5. 5. They operate in more than one country and is a large company thatoperates and produces and sells good in other countries.For example; Sony is one of the biggest multi national companies in the US.It focuses on electronics.Because they are such a big company there is a lot of employment and theywill get bigger overtime. However, there are more multi national companieswhich specialize in the same things which gives them competition.TYPES OF OWNERSHIP: MULTINATIONAL
  6. 6. Independent business’ are small. They are usually held by private firms.They are owned by shares in the stock market.A good thing about being a independent business owner is that they havethe plus of being able to start on a fresh note and be in charge of thebusiness and how it’s going to be supervised. They also don’t have to worryabout any legal problems that may have occurred from the previous owner.TYPES OF OWNERSHIP: INDEPENDENT
  7. 7. This is where 2 business join completely.They usually create internal capital markets if the external one is not fullydeveloped. This helps when the business is trying to go capital.TYPES OF OWNERSHIP: CONGLOMERATE
  8. 8. This occurs when a firm is being taken over by another. (Merging) Anexample could be a car manufacturer merging with another carmanufacturer.The company that is being merged is the one that will go higher up on themarket and will increase in money.TYPES OF COMPANIES:HORIZONTAL INTEGRATION
  9. 9. There is a lot of management control and each person in the company has acertain job to do. The products have to satisfy a common need.An example of vertical integration was the Carnegie Steel company. Thecompany controlled not only mills where the steel was made but also themines where the iron ore was extracted, the coal mines which supplied thecoal, the ships that transported the iron ore and the railroads thattransported the coal to the factory and etc… The company focused onheavily developing talent internally from the bottom up, rather thanimporting it from other companies. Later on, it was established an instituteof higher learning to teach the steel processes to the next generation.TYPES OF COMPANIES:VERTICAL INTEGRATION
  10. 10. Synergy is used for companies for co operative interaction between differentthings within the same company. For example Disney. Every child thatwatches Disney films will most probably want the Disney Channel whichthen gets the Disney Channel More viewers and in result of more viewersthey get more money. Followed by the Kids watching the Disney Films andChanel they will then want to go to Disney Land and if they go to DisneyLand they will use their shops and buy the Disney Official Merchandisethese 2 things will again make Disney More Popular and Result in themgrossing more money.SYNERGY