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  1. 1. Callum HarrisonEvaluationAt the start of the Assignment we were told that we would be making a TVAdvert. After completing all of the research for HA3 I moved on to HA4where I would do all of the planning and pre-production. The first thing Idid for HA4 was to choose an object of desire that I would like to do a TVAdvert for. I decided to do a Mobile Phone advert however, after I had donesome research on mobile phonesI realised that it would be quite difficult todo as I wanted to do an Advert where I use the phone myself because ofthis I decided to change the idea for my Advert. I wanted to keep the advertrelated to mobile phones so I decided to do an advert based on SimCards;that way I could keep the mobile phones in the advert. I went on to create asynopsis of my advert where I explained what was going to happenthroughout the advert and how it was going to look. After completing theSynopsis I decided to slightly change my Idea as I realised that I wouldn’thave enough time to fit it all into the 30 second time slot that I had. Icreated moodboards and a spider diagram filled with ideas for a GiffGaff TVadvert, this included: Storylines, Effects, and Settings etc. I found thishelpful as I was able to see my ideas and read through them and decidewhich one was the best idea. After completing this I went on to making astory board for my idea. This was really helpful because it enabled me tovisualise my advert and know where and what I needed to film.I created production plans, schedules and risk assessments all prior tofilming, this was so that I could work out how to shoot the TV Advert andknow what scenes to film at certain times and know what to do if anyaccidents were to occur. After I had completed all of these things I usedequipment booking form to book a camera to film.I filmed the part of my video that was originally intended to be the 2ndscene of the finished TV Advert on the same day I booked the camera out,After playing the footage back It wasn’t as id expected it to look, I think thiswas because the setting wasn’t colourful and I needed it to be colourful inorder to use the selective colouring effect which would be the main effectused throughout my advert. I didn’t delete the video footage because there
  2. 2. Callum Harrisonwas still a chance that I would use it later on in my video if i needed moreclips.I then used my own HD Video Camera to shoot the rest of my video, I wasoriginally planning to film in Ellesemere Park but I decided to have a lookfor a more colourful location. This was when I realised that I could use myown garden to film, this worked in my favour because it was colourful,there was less chance of injuries and I wouldn’t have to worry about trafficgetting in the way of filming. After I shot all of the footage I started editing.I created the sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro and then added all of thevideo clips that had been filmed. After this I created a basic edit of my TVAdvert not using any effects or transitions. The idea of making the basicedit was so that I knew what I had to work with and didn’t have to keeplooking through videos for certain clips.After I had completed the basic edit it was time to work on the final edit. Ireally enjoyed looking through the different effects and trying to work outhow to use them accordingly. Originally I planned to do the selectivecolouring effect in After Effects because I knew how to do it on thatprogramme but after looking through the effects in Premiere Pro I found away to get the desired effect without having to use After Effects. I used the‘Change to Colour’ effect to change the colour of my Jacket in the Video andthen the ‘Leave Colour’ Effect to change the background black and whiteScreen Shots Of Video Footage Ready To Edit
  3. 3. Callum Harrisonand leave the Jacket in colour. On the effect controls I changed the toleranceand changed the colour from RGB to Hue.This did cause a problem for me because doing this allowed similar colourin the background to stay in colour rather than change to black and white.This made me re-consider using After Effects as I knew how to create amask using this programme which would allow me to select the colour Iwanted leaving and remove the colour I did not need. Eventually I decidednot to use after effects because having the same colours in the backgroundmade the advert seem brighter and more colourful.After I was happy with the colour effect I started working on the text Iwould be using at the end of the video, I downloaded a picture of theGiffGaff logo and then removed the background using Adobe Photoshopthis allowed me to layer the logo over my video. Under the logo I wanted touse the text ‘A Life in Colour ’. This was an easy task to do and I thought itlooked good at the end of my Advert.
  4. 4. Callum HarrisonAfter I had completed the end clip I thought of a new idea, I wanted tochange the text to ‘A world of colour’ and create a spinning globe in thebackground. I looking at the effects to see if I could do it, I noticed a Sphereeffect which I could use to make the globe shape. I went onto Google andfound a flat image of the earth.After I had the image ofthe earth I used thesphere effect to see how itwould look. The effectworked great but then Irealised that I needed tofind a way for the globe ospin. I looked through theeffects but couldn’t find anything obvious to make the globe spin. So I had alook online and read about a ‘Roll’ effect, this effect enabled me to move theglobe and make it appear to be spinning. I added the background colouralong with the logo and text and it looked just how I wanted it to. Howeverin the final video I decided to stick with my original idea as the advert hadto be 30 seconds long and having the spinning globe made it longer.I didn’t only have to cut the spinning globe out of my project, I also had toremove numerous clips or cut them down so they were shorter. This wasquite hard to do considering my advert was 40 seconds long and I had tocut 15 seconds out of it.
  5. 5. Callum HarrisonI finally added the soundtrack to the advert which I edited in audacity; Iused a mix of the full version of the song and an instrumental version. Thiswas so the start of the advert seemed quiet and the singing starts when thecolour does. The song that I chose to use was Mikas ‘Grace Kelly’ Thereason I chose this song was because I needed to use a song that related tocolours and this one was the best one out of the list I had. The other songs Iwas considering using was ‘Sunny Side of the Street’ by Frank Sinatra and‘Always Look on The Bright Side Of life’ by Monty Python.Overall, I really enjoyed creating the TV advert because I had to think of thewhole thing, I had to think of the idea and the Soundtrack. I had to edit thewhole thing and I think the finished result was great. Although I think itcould have been better if I had more time the 30 seconds were great. If Iwas to do the whole thing again I would think he whole thing through firstand make sure I was happy with my idea before proceeding with the workbecause I created more work for myself by not thinking it through, I had tore do work because I had changed my idea.