Ethical issues in the media industry


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Ethical issues in the media industry

  1. 1. Callum HarrisonEthical Issues In The MediaIndustry
  2. 2. Film Classifications (BBFC)The BBFC is a non-governmental organisation, funded bythe film industry and responsible for the nationalclassification and censorship of films within the UnitedKingdom. It has been giving films classifications for over100 years. It has been giving DVD’s and videos theirclassifications since 1984 since the video recording act waspassed. The act was introduced for safety reasons after therelease of numerous films that contained violence.
  3. 3. ProsOf The BBFCThe BBFC id very important because it has been proven that ifa child grows up watching inappropriate violent movies thenhe/she will grow up to be violent. The BBFC put restrictions onfilms in order to ensure that children are not being scared bythe films and are watching things that are appropriate for them
  4. 4. Laws and Legislation Film BreaksThe Movie Human Centipede was banned because it basically broke everyrule that the BBFC had set. The BBFC reviewed the film and told the filmmakers that if they wanted the film to be shown they would have to make32 cuts from the film which would total up to 2 minutes and 37 seconds. Ifthey didn’t make these cuts then the BBFC would refuse to issue the filmwith a classification.
  5. 5. The BOBO Doll Experiment was an Aggression experiment carried out by Albert Bandura in 1961. TheAim of the experiment was to prove that children are impressionable and willcopy adults behaviour regardless if it was violent or not. The children in the videowere shown a video an adult hitting the doll and his idea was to see if the childwould copy the adult and hit the doll rather than playing with it. His idea workedand the children hit it with the hammer and gun rather than using their hands andpushing the doll like you’re meant to do.The children that were not shown the violent video did not attack the doll in theway the kids did that were shown the video.
  6. 6. What Happened Next?Although The Human Centipede 2 was not released ontoDVD it was still released on the internet for anybody towatch. This is bad because on the internet there is no wayto identify how old the person watching the film is. WhenThe BBFC banned the film it instantly makes people want towatch it more to see what was so bad about it that it wasbanned from a UK release and DVD release.
  7. 7. Video NastysThese were made by the UK government and were part of a list. On the list arefilms that are considered to be ‘Nasty’ basically films that were questioned onbeing appropriate. Originally there were 99 films on the list but eventually it gotcut down to 74.However, a lot of the films on the list are now unbanned and have been shownon TV. This shows how times have changed because when the list was madethese films were described as unfit to view whereas today they have beenshown to the public. A woman named Mary Whitehouse made the list.
  8. 8. ConclusionI do think that the BBFC is important because they are trying toprotect children from things they shouldn’t be watching, but I doquestion weather the BBFC is needed anymore because ifsomeone isnt old enough to watch a film they can just go on theinternet to watch it.I personally think that the BBFC should stay because althoughthey cant stop people watching the films online, they are stillrestricted from watching it in the cinemas and they have to wait inorder to find it online and by the time they can watch it they mightbe more interested in another film and forget about the one theyoriginally wanted to see.