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  • 1. By Callum Armstrong
  • 2.  We uploaded our film to YouTube in order for us to gain feedback from our target audience. This allowed us to gain an insight into the way our target audience would view our film.
  • 3.  This comment features positive feedback on our use of lighting and sound, while also adding some constructive criticism in terms of our title sequence.
  • 4.  We then messaged our friends on the social networking site Facebook in order to gain the opinion of our peers and arrived at a similar outcome.
  • 5.  We then branched out to other acquaintances who were unable to access YouTube or Facebook and messaged them via our smart phones in order to gain further feedback.
  • 6.  Again, we received similar feedback regarding the length of our title sequence, as well as positive comments about the authenticity of our noir style film.
  • 7.  We then took to the website surveymonkey.com so we could get statistical feedback from our target audience. We looked at important contributing factors such as age and gender, along with preferred film genres.
  • 8.  We then looked specifically at our audiences opinion on film noir, recording their likes and dislikes of the genre.
  • 9.  Then we focussed on the correlation between our movie and the genre itself and were pleased to see that 100% of our audience felt our film was in keeping with the noir genre.
  • 10.  After reading more answers from our survey we discovered that many of the codes and conventions present in the noir genre ended up being the most effective elements in our film.
  • 11.  We also felt it was important that we gain constructive criticism as well so we asked our audience to mention the weaker aspects of our film. We then asked our audience if they would recommend our film to a friend, and this was the outcome.
  • 12.  Overall our feedback shows that while we successfully accommodated to our audiences needs, there were still some areas that would require improvement if we were to re-do this project.