Question 2 evaluation


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  • Question 2 evaluation

    1. 1. Question 2- How does your media product represent particular social groups
    2. 2. The BandI have used males for all my images throughout my whole designwork, although i have done this it still appeals to women. On thefront cover i have used a male of 18 years of age. The age is typicallymainstream of my target audience. The clothing i have used seems togive my model the appeal of a rock/ heavy rocker. I think it pulls thelook off particularly well, to emphasise this effect i darkened thebackground and added a border. After editing the photo. Anotherway in which i created the model to look and accommodate moreto the stereotype, was to give the model a guitar and strike a posewith the guitar. This is crucial in representing the stereotype aspeople that tent to be seen as being “rock” usually have a guitarsomewhere in their life. This means that the audience can thenfurther relate to the magazine. Also the way my model has his hair as The guitarit’s almost swept over to one side creates another image that mostrocker’s tend to either have long curly or straight hair. This helps tocreate my model’s almost natural rock look.On the contents page i have used a concert for my main image. Thisrelates to the stereotype in the sense that if your rocking out yourbound to be be at a concert at some point, the stage light and thecrowd sets the mood for a truly electric showdown.The double page spread image shows a tall dark haired male figurethat seems to be looking smug, I believe that some rockers can beseen as full of themselves into the “high life”. i don’t know how truethis is but i think it is worthy of consideration. All the photos i haveused coordinate with the setting well and balance the contrast toshow clear visibility.
    3. 3. Does the representation support dominant ideologies? Similar style Front cover imageMy front cover image, almost definitely supports the dominant ideas between both magazines as they representthe same genre, i believe i have supported this bellow with from my image and the one of kerrang.
    4. 4. Does my magazine represent the target audience?My magazine represents the target audience as the model i have used is the same age as thetarget audience, i have done this as it will attract the certain readers i want therefore notalienating any of my target audience. I haven’t gone against any of the ideologies of the rock/metal audience as my pictures or layout doesn’t seem to challenge this i believe it is effective to stick with the ideologies in this case rather than challenge them as Im appealing to a mass audience rather than trying to captivate to a niche one.