Production Pitch for Kasabian Underdog
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Production Pitch for Kasabian Underdog






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Production Pitch for Kasabian Underdog Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Hypothesis George Blackwell
  • 2. Kasabian- Underdog
    • Intended Length – 3 minutes
    • Genre- Rock/Indie Rock
  • 3. The Sound Style
    • We chose this particular song because there is one lead singer and because Ryan and Laurence don’t want to be in the music video it is ideal as I can do all the lip syncing. The lyrics link to a story and we want to be able to have a narrative structure that can link to the lyrics.
    • - This is a link to the original music video.
  • 4. Mise En Scene
    • Costume- At the moment we haven’t currently got a certain costume that the main person will wear, just to dress appropriately to the genre, so nothing overly colourful.
    • Lighting- The lighting will be mainly natural other than the poker scene or the scene where I am entering the clubhouse where we might have to use a torch or a car light.
    • Props- I think that minimal props are needed other than cards, poker chips and the briefcase and the items in the cupboard to use for our flashbacks.
    • Setting- The locations that are set are the snooker room at
    • Whitehill Golf and the train.
  • 5. Genre and Stylistic Influences
    • The genre of the song is indie rock. We chose this because we all like this kind of music.
    • Some influences have been Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys.
  • 6. Intended Audience
    • The intended audience of this is probably dominantly male teenagers who enjoy rock music. Also because of the storyline people who gamble can relate to it.
  • 7. Narrative structure
    • The narrative for our music video is a man who is down on his luck, not much money and makes his way to a big poker game in hope of winning. He arrives at the game and it is very tense and he wins.
  • 8. Ancillary Tasks
    • Our ancillary tasks are to make a webpage and a magazine advert for our band. When we do this we will split the responsibilities, Ryan will do the webpage and I will do the magazine.
  • 9. Job Roles
    • Me, Ryan and Laurence all have different roles in this production. I am the person from our group who will be in front of the camera, Ryan and Laurence will share the camera-work and we will all edit together.